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Project Dominic - Nuclear Weapons Testing

Recently we received information from a veteran who participated in Project Dominic in the early 1960s. This project involved dropping nuclear weapons from B52s over the Pacific Ocean. The exact locations of drops are not known. The veteran interviewed stated that considerable UFO activity was noted during test runs. Some UFOs were seen exiting and entering the ocean. (UFOs in the water are referred to as USOs (Underwater Submerged Objects). Many other UFOs were seen in the vicinity of tests.

A personal friend of William Puckett recently learned that his deceased father had participated in the Project Dominic. My friend's father never discussed the project with any member of the family and he did not learn of his father's participation until after his death. Click here to read letter and credential badge regarding of my friend's father participation in Project Dominic (PDF). My friend's father had a life long interest in UFOs, but did not disclose if he had experienced any of his own sightings.

The Project Dominic Report has been declassified. The entire report can be read by clicking here (PDF). The executive summary follows:

Executive Summary of the Report (Kirtland Air Force Base) - Albuquerque, New Mexico:
This report is a study by the JTF8 appointed Ad Hoc Committee of the adequacy of the safety features of the DOMINIC Test Series (B-52 Airdrops). This study includes test information received by 26 February 1962 and is valid for tests conducted utilizing the Test Vehicles as described herein. The study examines the available handling, loading and delivery procedures, the system design, and tests and testing sequence used on the system which apply during surface transportation at Barbers Point, assembly, flying, prearm and release, or resafing operations.