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U.S. Aircraft May Employ Antigravity Technology?

By William Puckett - UFOS Northwest

I receive many reports of flying triangles, boomerang shaped craft, and diamond shaped craft. These craft are mostly seen at night, can hover, fly slowly, fly extremely fast, change speeds abruptly, have several white lights, and sometimes one or more red lights. Sometimes power outages and electrical interference (including car shutdowns) are experienced in the vicinity of these craft. In one case extensive physical injury occurred. I believe that some of these craft could be secret military aircraft. Some of these craft also could be higher dimensional or extraterrestrial vehicles. The manuevers executed by these craft mimic antigravity propulsion. Because I receive so many of these reports I have researched the subject and found a couple of sources below.

Recently I came across a reference to an old issue (March 9, 1992) of Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine while reading a book by Gordon Chism titled the "Thinking Person's UFO Book (pages 185-186)." The reference pertained to an article in Aviation Week discussing super secret black projects and antigravity technology. The article mentions that this technology may be used by the B2 "Stealth" Bomber. Click here to read two page article (PDF 189 KB). The article mentions that strange diamond shaped craft have been seen near Beale Air Force Base (AFB) in California. (See map below.)

Beale AFB is About 25 Miles North-Northeast of Sacramento.
Beale AFB is About 25 Miles North-Northeast of Sacramento.

A book Titled "Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, Teslo, UFOs, & Classified Aerospace Technology" by PH.D. Physicist Paul LaViolette was published in 2008. Dr. LaViolette discusses at length Military Projects involving antigravity technology as well as UFO propulsion systems.

Cover of Book by Dr. Paul LaViolette.
Cover of Book by Dr. Paul LaViolette.

Both books referenced above are available on