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Secret Military Triangular Shaped Craft

Drawing of a Hypersonic Military Aircaft in 1990.
Drawing of a Hypersonic Military Aircaft in 1990.

Drawings of Triangular Shaped Craft in 1990 That Were Allegedly Being Tested by the U.S. Military
Drawings of Triangular Shaped Craft in 1990
That Were Allegedly Being Tested by the U.S. Military

An article appeared in Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine on October 1, 1990 regarding sightings of alleged secret military craft. Drawings of the craft are contained in the article. (Click here to download article - PDF 5 MB.) Although much of the information is speculative some factual information is included. The above drawings resemble some of the mysterious flying triangles that have frequently been sighted throughout the world since the late 1980s. One wonders why these aircraft remain classified after 20 years if they are indeed military craft? Wouldn't some of these have been put into production by now? Are the above craft renditions of or precursors to the alleged TRB3 Flying Triangle?

I received the following comments from a gentleman in the Las Vegas area who knows a pilot who flies out of Nellis Air Force Base and who has studied the TR3B Flying Triangle:

Hey as you may already know the majority of trianglar UFO sightings are the Astra TR-B3. This is the upgrade craft from the "aurora project". Its still considered a US "black project". They are tested all over the world. The TR-3B, Flying Triangle is real. It uses a gravity warping system called the Magnetic Field Disruptor (MFD). I've determined that as far back as 1965, at the Convair Division of General Dynamics (GD), in Fort Worth Texas, the U.S. Air Force (USAF), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were funding research to develop the MFD. The power for the MFD comes from a nuclear reactor. The MFD reduces the effect of gravity on the TR-3B by 89 percent. Advanced multimode rocket engines, one at each corner, propel the TR-3B easily as 89 percent of the vehicle's weight is, for a lack of a better word, neutralized. Also remember that historically NASA is the last research agency of the black budget and top secret food chain.

Second Set of Comments:

I went to military schools most of my life and one of my best friends is a pilot at Nellis Air-force Base in Nevada. He tries to keep me updated on what he "thinks" Lockheed is developing at area 51. The pilots that fly at the base have absolutely no top secret clearance whatsoever so they have to use educated guesses on what is being developed. The Aurora project and the TR-B3 are pretty much common knowledge among aeronautic freaks and there is a ton of info on the web as I am sure you know. My friend the pilot is not a big UFOs believer but the biggest question they have is why the air force is spending millions in fuel to maintain its massive fleet and "they" (Lockeed-Martin Division at area 51) already have developed alternative propulsion systems and have never shared it with the rest of the world.