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UFOs Over the Quinault Reservation?

Taholah is Near the Pacific Ocean About 75 Miles West of Seattle.
Taholah is Near the Pacific Ocean About 75 Miles West of Seattle.

"UFOs over the reservation?

Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 01:08

The Daily World (

Strange and unexplained lights seen over the town of Taholah this past week have prompted a number of UFO reports to be called into the Quinault Indian Nation Police Department, tribal authorities confirmed Friday.

The lights, described as being round with green, red and white colors, were seen by a number of local residents and were witnessed at the mouth of the Quinault River, over the tribe's headquarters and by a group of four people standing on the bridge over the river, according to the reports.

An eyewitness, Steve O. Cultee, said he saw the lights at the mouth of the river about 9:45 Wednesday night. They appeared "like jumping jacks going everywhere" about 50 meters up in the air, with an orange-reddish glow, he said.

"I was outside trying to get service to text on my cell phone, and I just happened to glance up," Cultee said of the sighting. "I just couldn't believe it. It was really weird and it freaked me out."

While he didn't report the sighting to police, several others in town did make official reports, said Quinault President Fawn Sharp.

Cultee said there were a number of fishermen outside at the time working on their nets and they saw it, too.

"A buddy of mine who was hanging his net said he saw a huge one that just slowed down and then it changed its shape and took off," Cultee said. "Our Air Force or Navy ain't got nothing like that."

He looked again Thursday night but didn't see anything similar.

Sharp said the sightings were first brought to her attention at a tribal executive briefing on Wednesday.

"There were a number of calls to our police department," she said. "And it's all over Facebook. More than one person saw something peculiar."

One of the witnesses wrote on Facebook that she tried to take a photo of the lights with a cell-phone camera, but they did not show up in the dark.

A relative of one of the tribe's Executive Committee members also reported being on the steps outside of the main tribal administration building when they saw something hover over the tribal offices, "and then it just shot away," Sharp said.

People who reported seeing the lights said it didn't appear to be anything like the military would use, although the Navy routinely conducts testing exercises along that part of the coast.

A Navy spokeswoman reached late Friday said she knew of no exercises that were ongoing in the area or that would have used equipment that would have caused the lights. Efforts to reach the National UFO Reporting Center in Davenport were unsuccessful.

"This particular thing that people were seeing appeared to be green and hovering, and it moved at a very rapid rate out of view," Sharp said. "It was more than one and it was over a relatively short period of time."

The witnesses near the tribal offices reported what appeared to be a large ship-like object that dwarfed the main administration building and council chambers.

"Maybe it had something to do with the elected officials because it was over our portion of the office," Sharp joked. The tribal secretary also reports her recording computer is missing, but nothing else is missing, she added.

"Everybody is accounted for," Sharp said.s

UFOS Northwest Note: We did receive one report from Taholah second hand through a friend who works on the reservation. More information is forthcoming on this case. Updates will be posted.