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Kucinich Admits Seeing UFO at Debates

Photo of Dennis Kucinich
Photo of Dennis Kucinich

During the Democratic Presidential Debates at Drexel University in Philadelphia on October 30, 2007, Tim Russert asked Congressman Dennis Kucinich if he really saw a silent and hovering triangular UFO and that the encounter was extremely moving as the God Mother of your daughter Shirley MacClaine claims in her new book.

Kucinich admitted, "I saw a UFO, I saw an unidentified flying object, I saw something and I'm moving my campaign headquarters to Roswell, New Mexico and Exeter, New Hampshire. President Jimmy Carter also saw a UFO and more people have seen UFOs then support the President." 

Tim Russert inaccurately stated that 14% of the American public had seen UFOs believed in UFOs in the recent poll while that number is 34%.

UFOS Northwest Comment: Certainly Representative Kucinich is to be commended for taking political risk by even mentioning the word "UFO." His statements could lead to more media exposure and interest in the UFO phenomenon even if the "laugh factor" is now in effect.