EPIC Radio Show - Dec. 5, 2011

William Puckett (Montana EPIC Director) Hosted the EPIC Radio Show on December 5, 2011.
Plans Are to Interview 2 Witnesses:

Witness 1:

Witness 1 discussed a recent alien abduction experience in the Seattle, Washington area. The witness has had a lifetime of repeated experiences and has experienced some physical and mental trauma from several of these experiences.
I edited the hand photo to show what the object looked like that was coming out of my right hand, except it had different colors. (See below.)

Photo of Witness's & Sketch of Object That Penetrated Her Hand.

I was driving to work Thursday morning along a heavily congested road that feeds into the expressway onto I5 Southbound when I began seeing lights in the sky overhead, it was still dark out just turning light and it was cloudy. I was startled by the lights and looked up, seeing nothing I continued driving. I for a moment thought there was a plane flying low which distracted me. I then saw the light again but closer and felt an electricity in the air. Then, as if a light switch was flipped I was again driving along the road and my phone began to rang which popped me back from a trance like state. It odd because I looked at my clock and it appeared to be several minutes before the last time I checked the time. I answered my phone, it was my sister she asked me why I had called her. I told her that I had not called her, she checked her phone and there was a line item that showed I had called but she had not picked up, as a missed call. I checked my phone and it did not register any calls that I made to her that day. I noticed that I was aching all over and could had trouble putting basic analytical thoughts into my head. I could not remember how to change the radio stations. I got to work my coworker told me I looked terrible (my nose was red) and I spent the next 36 hours feeling sick.

The Sighting Below on November 15, 2011 May be Related to Above Abduction Experience:

I frequently drive up and down I-5, and was driving southbound between Marysville and Everett in the Valley by Ebey Slough - the sky was clear and beautiful. I noticed there were more lights than usual. I am in the habit of looking at the sky but noticed that 3 lights were brighter and moving along with me down the corridor. I kept thinking how out of place they looked since I was used to looking at that particular view, and almost as if they were hovering over several of the Cascade mountain range. I went home and told my husband. The next day we watched the news and saw that a person had captured the lights the same night over eastlake.

Here is the footage as shown on the news that occured at 8:30 pm the same night and was a triangle:

The next day driving to work I noticed several orange government trucks (no markings) with cameras in the same spot I had had the incident. Initially I thought these were there because of a fatal accident 2 days prior but I looked up the accident and it was much further down the road.
A week later I had my waking memory of an object that looked like a mop but it was sticking out of my right hand, and embedded down to my elbow. Each piece had an attachment to it. I felt nothing but marveled at what would happen if I tried to pull it out. I have had this happen to me before. I also looked and found two suction marks on my hand in the same spot it would have been inserted into my hand.

Note: UFOS Northwest received a photo and report from another witness in Marysville, WA on November 15, 2011.  (See Photo Below.)

Photo of Lights Over Marysville, WA on Nov. 15, 2011

Description of Sighting: I was driving my son home from kick boxing and we were joking around I was telling him everything was an alien or UFO and as we got closer to home I noticed 3 bright orange almost like fire ball lights about our neighborhood. They were in a perfect triangle formation. I told my son I wasn't joking and to take a picture with my phone. He got scared and didn't want to. I pulled into my neighborhood and pulled over and got out of my van. The balls of light started moving very fast and erratically and as I pointed my phone to take a picture they formed a perfect straight line and I caught it in my picture. I really wish my video camera worked on my phone. I watched the balls while I finished my ride home and in that short less then a minute time I watched them form a triangle again and then separate going different directions one to the east and two to the west. I got out and watched the balls to the west as they went straight up and disappeared. I called my mom on my short drive to my house and told her to look outside because she lives 1 mile south of me and my son ran inside to tell my husband to come outside to see, but by the time they made it outside the balls of light were gone. I enclosed a picture. It is not a very good one, but glad I caught something.                                         

Map of the Sighting Location is Below:

Marysville, WA is in Western WA About 50 Miles North of Seattle.

Witness 2:

The witness sighted strange lights in the sky on a night with a low overcast (clouds about 400 feet above ground). He then saw the lights ascend into a huge black object. His sighting occurred in Marysville, WA on June 18, 2011 shortly after 10 PM PDT. A sketch illustrating his sighting is below:

Sketch of "Mother Ship" & Lights That "Joined" "Ship". Witness Report Also Included.
Sketch of "Mother Ship" & Lights That "Joined" "Ship". Witness Report Also Included.

A radar map below shows a return near where the object was seen:

Radar Map Shows 2 Unknown Returns Near Where Witness Saw the Lights & Large Object.

Witness 3 (Wasn't Interviewed, But His Case Was Presented):
The witness and his son saw a huge black flying triangle during daylight (12 to 1 PM CST) on November 25, 2011. The sighting occurred in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. The craft was flying towards Dayton, Ohio where Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is located.
A map below shows the approximate location of the sighting and the path of flight of the object:

Map Showing Movement of Triangular Object in The Cincinnati, OH Area.


During the remainder of the program William Puckett discussed other significant cases in 2010 and 2011and answered several calls and chat room text messages.