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New UFO Documents Released by the FBI

April 13, 2011

Recently the FBI conveyed that more UFO documents have been released and made available via the agency's FOIA electronic reading room. Access to the UFO reading room is at the following address:

Some of the document mentioned by news reports have been released before by the FBI. However, some new documents have been released. A few that have received mention:

1. A 1949 document contains information that the FBI destroyed many UFO files.

2. An explosion of a UFO near Logan, Utah was seen by several witnesses including law enforcement and military. (I have researched this case and found that the explosion was explained as a bombing run exercise by B29 bombers from Hill AFB in Ogden.)

3. A 1950 memo from special agent Guy Hottel discusses crashed flying saucers and recovery of small bodies in New Mexico. (This document was released several years ago.) Some UFO researchers believe that the "source who divulged the information to the FBI" was a hoaxer named Silas Newton.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee obtained the above document (number 3) and many others in 1977 from the FBI. He wrote about these documents in his book published in 2000 titled "The UFO-FBI Connection." This book is very informative and I would suggest anyone interested in the FBI and UFOs read this book.

The document discussed in number 2 above likely pertains to the alleged UFO crash as Aztec, New Mexico in 1948 (a year after the alleged Roswell incident.) Several books and a documentary have been produced regarding this incident:

Frank Sculley wrote about the crash in his 1951 book titled "Behind the Flying Saucers." This book was re-edited by several authors and released in 2008 and is titled "Behind The Flying Saucers -- The Truth About The Aztec UFO Crash."

Another book (published 1987) Titled "UFO Crash at Aztec, A Well Kept Secret" was authored by William S. Steinman and Wendelle Stevens. I have not read this book, but it is frequently mentioned as a source of information on the alleged UFO crash at Aztec.

A documentary on DVD titled "Aztec 1948: UFO Crash" contains details about this case. Scott Ramsey produced this documentary.

The above books and DVD are available at