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Mysterious lights spotted over Liberty Lake

Source: KXLY TV Channel 4 - Spokane, Washington (

Mysterious lights spotted over Liberty Lake

Liberty Lake is About 15 Miles East of Spokane.
Liberty Lake is About 15 Miles East of Spokane.

Posted: ('Thursday, August 13, 2009 8:46 PM EST', '');

LIBERTY LAKE - Several families are looking for answers after they saw strange lights in the night sky Wednesday night they swear were signs of a UFO.

Amateur video shot from the scene shows strange lights in the night time sky moving erratically, changing in both color and size. And it wasn't just one or two people who saw the lights. Up to a dozen members of several families say they saw the same thing and now they're trying to figure out what exactly they saw.

These are normal people from a normal neighborhood who say what they saw last night in the skies southeast of Liberty Lake was anything but normal. It started about 8:45 Wednesday evening when they saw two lights far above the horizon, one white and one green, and they weren't moving in concert with each other.

One person described their movement, "was left to right, up and down, hide behind the cloud, then come out."

The lights were moving in a way they've never seen anything move before and they ruled out an airplane because "it would move in one direction" and they ruled out a helicopter because "if it was a helicopter it would stay stationary and you hear a sound."

After about an hour the green light "eventually took off slowly, then fast" and then the "white light started acting up after the green light left ... bigger and smaller."

An hour after the green light vanished from view the white light, "moved across the sky and went north and it stayed stationary, then it changed all kinds of different colors ... like red blue, green" and then disappeared over the horizon.

The residents of Liberty Lake don't know what they saw or captured on video. Was it some Monsters on Maple Street? Doubtful. Aliens looking for directions to Devil's Tower in Wyoming? Probably not. Extraterrestrials who missed the Independence Day celebrations? Not so much.

What has been confirmed is that Fairchild Air Force Base reports they had no aircraft of any kind in the area Wednesday night. The National Weather Service also reported that while the Perseid Meteor Shower was visible Wednesday night there is no weather phenomenon, including a meteor shower, that could produce those types of lights for that amount of time.

So for now the residents of Liberty Lake will have to wait and wonder whether or not the truth is out there.