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British Ministry of Defence Releases 400 Page Report on Study of UFOs

The British Ministry of Defence (MOD) released a 400 page report that concluded that UFOs were not alien life forms and were due to conventional phenomena.  (Read news announcement - PDF.) The study was conducted in the 1990s. The report does show that the MOD has taken UFO reports seriously. The report was kept secret for six years. The report will be made available on the MOD website on May 15, 2006. The study was called "Project Condign." According to the news articles the study lasted four years, covered the ten-year period 1987 - 1997, and focused on the potential for military threat by UFOs within the UK. One of the conclusions of the study is that contained plasmas can explain many (most?) sightings. This internal report has been kept confidential for six years for some unexplained reason. FOIA actions by a group of UFO investigators in England are credited with obtaining the "prying loose" the study.

Note:  It is interesting to note that the British Ministry of Defence continues to collect UFO sightings.  This somewhat conflicts with their conclusion of the above study that UFOs are not extraterrestrial and are due conventional and natural phenomena. If MOD believes this conclusion, then why do they continue to collect sightings?  Click here for links to obtain a listing of sightings listed by the MOD from 2002 to 2005