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Did Military Shoot Down Large Object in Colorado?

Case Reported to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Case Management System on July 27, 2006

Myself and at least nine other people were at a friends shop,admiring a paint job he just put on a car. I happened to walk past a window by the entrance of the shop and glanced out. From there I saw an object just on the horizon, it wasn't extremely bright but I could see it was luminated. The object, which I will refer to as the "craft", was huge, not like a bus huge but more like a football stadium.That's probably what caught my attention was the size and not the brightness of the craft. So of course as soon as I saw it I got everyone else's attention to it. The craft was shaped like no other flying craft I had ever seen, in fact it very much resembled the shape of a stadium. It appeared to be two boxes connected by a short corodore, one box was slightly higher than the other. The material on the outside of the craft looked similar to glass panels because there seemed to be light shining through from the inside and the way the light reflected I could tell it was rigid yet it had some flexability. There was a golden light coming off the main part of the craft and a very small light circling the entire craft that changed colors from red to blue to orange. By now everyone was completely focused on the craft, we all knew for sure this was not an Earthly craft so we continued to watch it as it hovered. The other thing is it was hovering over the very south-west corner of Fort Carson military property. After about fifteen or twenty minutes two helicopters came into sight, moving in from the north. One moved around to the east and the other to the west of the craft, once they got along side of the craft they both pulled back in the same direction they came from and held there positions about a thousand yards or more from the craft. At this time three missles came up from the ground, one after another and landed in the belly of the craft. At this point everyone watching got a little scared and panic was setting in. None of us had ever seen live missles launched before but it was obvious thats what they were. As the first one hit I could see the outer shell of the craft expand and contract as the missle blew up inside of the craft, then the second and third hit. Then the lights got dim and the craft fell to the ground. As soon as it hit the ground the two helicopters fled north, back toward the base. After we all saw this, we all knew what it was that we just witnessed. I completely expected to see something in the news about it but nothing was ever published. I know we weren't the only ones to see it that night. A couple friends of mine were about thirty miles away to the north-west of where I was and they described the exact same thing to me, the next day. The only reason none of us reported it was we lived in a small community and we didn't need the ridicule. Now,ten years later I still remember that night like it just happened and I think people deserve to know OUR MILITARY HAS SHOT DOWN AN UNEARTHLY CRAFT(a UFO) , this was definitely a MOTHER ship!