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Abductee Charles Hickson Dies

Photo of Charles Hickson.

(Reuters) - Pascagoula -- Charles Hickson, the Mississippi man who claimed he was abducted and probed by aliens while he was fishing with a friend and never backed off the story despite the ridicule he endured, has died. Hickson, 80, died last Friday of a heart attack. Hickson, then 42, was fishing with 19-year-old Calvin Parker Jr. on a pier near Pascagoula, Mississippi in October 1973 when they said, "A cigar-shaped UFO with flashing blue lights suddenly appeared above us and its door opened up and we were pulled into the craft by aliens, who paralyzed us examined us and then let us go.

Although Hickson was reluctant to share the story -- he said all he and Parker wanted to do "was go fishing" and he feared people would "laugh me out of Jackson County" -- he and Parker eventually went to local police and reported the incident. "They weren't lying," the chief investigator for the Jackson County Sheriff's Department told reporters at the time. "Whatever it was, it was real to them."As word of their claims leaked out, Hickson and Parker became minor celebrities, celebrated by believers in extraterrestrial life.