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UFO Researcher Harley Rutledge Dies

Solid state physicist, Harley Rutledge, Ph.D., at work during
Project Identification in 1970s at Southeast Missouri State University.

Harley Rutledge, Ph.D., age 80, died at the Missouri Veterans Home in Mt.
Vernon, on Monday, June 5, 2006. Dr. Rutledge was former Chairman of the
Physics Department at Southeast Missouri State University. He gained
national attention in 1973 when he organized "Project Identification" to
track and photograph, if possible, unidentified aerial objects being seen by
hundreds of residents in Franklin County, Missouri. The summary of his study
was published in a book entitled, Project Identification © 1980 by Dr.
Rutledge. His goal was a scientific study of velocity, distance and size of
objects, many recorded on videotape.

Linda Moulton Howe talked to Dr. Rutledge often while she was producing the 1980
TV documentary, A Strange Harvest for KMGH-TV in Denver, Colorado. Dr.
Rutledge had hundreds of anomalous photographs, many he had taken himself.
He acknowledged that mixed with all the sightings reports were calls to law
enforcement in Missouri about bloodless, trackless animal mutilations,
sometimes linked to the presence of unidentified aerial craft.

Read article about Dr. Rutledge's passing in Southeast Missourian - June 6, 2006 (PDF)