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Sighting Wave - California - New Years - 2008

Special Report: Shortly after midnight on January 1, 2008 many were outside celebrating New Year's 2008. Several groups of witnesses in the San Francisco Bay area (Antioch) saw several unknown lights in the sky that were moving slowly westward and appeared to be moving "relative to each other." About 10 minutes later several similar lights were seen in southern California (San Diego). Some photos and videos were taken of the lights in San Diego. A few photos were also taken in the San Francisco area. It is believed that witnesses in the Bay area and San Diego may have been observing the same set of lights. If this is true, the lights would have been over 100 miles high in the atmosphere. Media outlets in the San Diego area have suggested that the lights may have been "Chinese Lanterns." This explanation is quite unlikely especially if the same lights were observed in San Diego and San Francisco. So far the military have not rendered any explanations for the lights.

Antioch, California - Sighting One
Ten Witness Several Erratic Moving Lights in Sky For 15 to 20 Minutes

- Listen to Audio Clip of Witness Interview (MP3)

Antioch, California - Sighting Two
Eight Witness Pattern of 3 Lights Near "Big Dipper"

Antioch, California - Sighting Three
Ten See Reddish-Orange Airborne Lights After Midnight. Photos Taken

Photo One. (Streaking Is Due to Camera Movement or Movement of Lights. Photo 2. Streaking is Due to Camera Movement or Movement of the Lights
Photo One
Photo Two
Streaking is Due to Camera Movement or Motion of the Lights

San Diego, California
Man Sees Pattern of 7 Lights in "3-1-3" Fashion (See Drawing)

Diagram of Pattern of Lights Drawn by Witness
Diagram of Pattern of Lights Drawn by Witness

Clairemont, California
College Students Take Video of String of 9 Lights Heading Westward

Still Image of Lights Extracted From Video. (Not All Lights Are Visible in This Image.)
Image Extracted From Video
(Click Image to Play Video)
Source: Fox Channel 6 News - San Diego, CA

Various Sightings in N. and S. California
Article on Sightings on SignonSanDiego Online (Contains More Witness Reports)