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7th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference Summary

The 7th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, November 6-8, 2009
By Roy Stevenson

Although I’ve been a life long student of UFOlogy and consider myself well versed in the history and players of this phenomenon, this was my first official UFO conference. As a full time freelance writer I was finally able to make the time to go to the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas in early November 2009.

I must admit I had doubts about who would be attending a UFO Crash Retrieval conference. Would the participants be somewhat “off-center”, I wondered? You know, those people with that half-crazed glint in their eye that makes you uncomfortable when you’re talking to them. Would the attendees be wearing aluminum foil hats, or triangles on their heads, complaining that this was the only way they could evade their alien abductors?

Would I hear outrageous theories that defied even the most fertile imagination? Above all, would my prime question—have UFOs really crashed on our planet, and have they been retrieved and stored by Government agencies—be answered?

My apprehensions dissipated very quickly. In fact, the quality, intelligence, sincerity, and dedication of the speakers and attendees were highly impressive. It seemed like everyone was a PhD in one field or other. I met mathematicians, aeronautical engineers, computer scientists, psychologists, physicians, scientists, historians, authors, and legendary UFO researchers, all only too happy to talk to the attendees—like Linda Moulton Howe, Nick Redfern, Richard Dolan, and Michael Salla, to name a few.

On a more sobering note, we were also told that it was highly likely there were government spies in the crowd, keeping an eye on new developments in UFOlogy. Yes, there was a healthy degree of paranoia present among attendees, especially when they saw my press ribbon. Fortunately I managed to convince the people I talked to that there’s a big difference between a freelance writer and an investigative journalist, and that I don’t write for supermarket tabloids or the National Enquirer!

So what exactly do they talk about at a UFO Crash Retrieval Conference? As the fascinating talks progressed, the one thing that stood out above all else was that these people are absolutely, positively convinced that we are being visited by alien spacecraft, that we know where they’re from, and that indeed many world governments know about them, are hiding crashed craft, and doing research on them.

There were so many excellent presentations (16) that there simply isn’t enough space to tell about them all. Here, then, are a few of the highlights of the conference, as I saw them.

Stephen Bassett   Exopolitics and Disclosure
Stephen Bassett’s eloquent introduction to Exopolitics was an eye opener, and a great way to start the conference. Exopolitics, he explains, addresses only the UFO issue, “the key issue of which is disclosure, or formal acknowledgement by the world governments to reveal the existence of extraterrestrials”.

“We are moving towards the end of this era,” says Bassett. “Disclosure is inevitable, it is coming, and it is unavoidable.  We need to get this (information) out there to the public before our species comes close to extinction.” As it stands now, “Government secrecy mixed with lies creates a toxic poison”, he says. “We need to have disclosure and have some say in what is revealed, because it has many implications for religions”.

Bassett explains that the beginning of the end of government secrecy can be traced to 1991, when the cold war ended. “It changed things completely”, he says. Until then, the USA was the bulwark of the West against communism, so our European Allies toed the secrecy line. But after 1991, things changed. “Professional witnesses started coming forward”, and, “by 1999, other countries sent a message by issuing UFO reports and accepting the extraterrestrial presence”. The French dumped their UFO files on the Internet, followed by Mexico, Denmark, Uruguay, and several other countries.

Of the decades of pre-1991 secrecy and cover-ups, Bassett agrees that the US government did the right thing in covering up the existence of UFOs. “It was for national security and easily justifiable.” However, what Bassett takes issue with is that the government committed illegal acts while conducting the truth embargo.

“This cat will never be put back in the bag”, says Bassett of the increasing clamor for the USA to declare transparency in matters involving UFOs. “Now we are in the end game and we are winning this chess game against the government. We hope the government will fold peacefully, rather than deny to the bitter end”.

What do we stand to gain from a new policy of disclosure? “We need the propulsion systems of the flying saucers for clean, green technology and our environment.” So a great start to the conference, providing much food for thought.


Dr. Michael Salla          MJ12 Assassination Directive and JFK’s UFO Files
Dr. Salla wove the threads of the covert MJ12 group, their military leaders, and the CIA’s involvement, together to present a reasonable case for their connection to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Salla carefully traced Kennedy’s attempts to gain control over these secret groups starting in 1961. Salla quotes a section from a document claiming it is evidence that MJ12 had cryptic approval for the assassination, or forceful removal, of any Washington politicians or federal officials who refused to cooperate on UFO issues.

Salla said that Kennedy knew all about UFOs and MJ12 when he came to office in 1961, and that he understood that “this was the most important issue facing the USA at the time”. However, when Kennedy requested a full report from Dulles, the outgoing head of the CIA and leader (MJ1) of the MJ12 group, Kennedy was rebuked, and information about some of the more sensitive cases was withheld from him.

During what Salla calls “Phase Two”, Kennedy asserted his presidential authority, accessing military bases, and looked at UFO artifacts. Apparently he talked to contactees and saw alien bodies from Roswell, at Homestead AFB around 1961. In “Phase Three—The Final Confrontation”, Kennedy told a US Air Force officer that, “The UFOs are real, but that the matter was out of his hands, and there was nothing he could do about it.” Kennedy’s goal then became to inform the US people about the UFOs.

Salla contends that after Kennedy made it clear he was going to have the USSR and NASA share classified UFO files supplied by the CIA, he was assassinated by a shadowy group of CIA operatives and other people co-opted by MJ12. There is far more detail to this chilling story than is listed here, and Salla’s newest book Exposing US Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life will lead you through it from start to finish.

Linda Moulton Howe   RAF Bentwaters Update
Renowned UFO and paranormal documentarian and author, Linda Howe, gave a concise review of the RAF Bentwaters incident, or rather series of incidents at RAF Bentwaters and Rendlesham Forest. She brought air force policeman Airman 1st Class John Burroughs, who witnessed some of the unexplained events on 26 and 28 December 1980, to the podium, and he talked about his memories (only recently emerging through hypnosis) and experiences of those nights.

The events on December 28 were particularly interesting; several UFOs hovered over the weapons storage facility that was believed to contain nuclear warheads, sending laser like beams down to the facility. The UFOs changed shape from round to elliptical, and were observed as red, blue and green at various times.

Howe tells of Lt. Col. Charles I. Halt public declaration last summer (2009), 30 years after the incidents that he believes what he encountered in Rendlesham Forest was extraterrestrial in origin.

John Burroughs spoke about his sighting on 26 December 1980, and how there was strange activity in the woods on 28, 29, 30 and 31 December as well. On 28 December another guard who was with him while they chased a light said that he (Burroughs) was pulled up into the craft, after the light came right over him.

But the Bentwaters saga doesn’t end there. 9 January 1981 a 300 feet long cigar shaped object hovered over the Rendlesham Forest, at a height of about 1,000 feet. It then moved up into the sky and faded in with the stars. Again, there is far more to this fantastic story than can adequately be covered in a few hundred words, and there are several books detailing this incident.

Michael Schratt  Bombshell UFO files from CUFOS Archives Revealed
Michael Schratt examined thousands of the Chicago CUFOS case files, culling out the ones with diagrams and good explanations. Schratt’s presentation was literally a 90-minute bombardment of sighting after sighting of those cases. Spending about 15-30 seconds on each sighting, the audience was left exhausted from the staggering volume of sightings.

Of particular interest were the similarities between many of the objects, even though they were sighted in different countries at different dates and years. Equally fascinating was the widely differing varieties of craft and occupants, perhaps indicating that we are being visited by many different types of aliens.

Schratt briefly mentioned the experience by comedian and actor Jackie Gleason, a friend of President Richard Nixon, who took him to Homestead AFB in February 1973, showing him bodies of aliens and other UFO artifacts. Apparently Gleason returned home very shaken, according to his wife.

Nick Redfern       The Kingman UFO Crash
This obscure crash near Kingman, Arizona, has several interesting aspects and many misconceptions about it, according to Redfern. He is conducting on ongoing investigation and new information is coming to light. Why resurrect a 56-year old case? According to Redfern, “We should be looking into these old cases, because material gets archived and forgotten. We should try to resolve old cases”.

Redfern put forward the theory that perhaps several UFOs crashed because they were in close proximity to atomic bomb tests (that were conducted above ground back then), or that they crashed due to some other factor that we haven’t yet thought of. According to Redfern, “There was a flurry of crashed UFOs in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.”

Previously, a person with the pseudonym Fritz Werner was regarded as the main witness to the Kingman crash. But Redfern points out that since Werner’s testimony came to light in 1971, several other credible witnesses to the event and retrieval have come forward. These other witnesses include a Major Daly, who was blindfolded and driven to the crash location, seeing an undamaged saucer shaped object. He spent 2 days examining the object and concluded that it was not made on earth.

Another witness, a Mr. Holly, told a close relative that he had seen bodies of aliens retrieved from a crash in Arizona while at Wright-Patterson AFB. The wife, Judy Woolcott, of a man who was at an air base in the radar control tower on the day of the Kingman crash, went with several military personnel in jeeps, locating a domed disk, embedded in the sand.

The latest witnesses to the fore include an anonymous US Defense Intelligence Agency senior employee who posted classified documents on the website These documents stated that retrieval operations were being monitored by the visitors (aliens). An entry crew that entered the craft emerged after one hour, confused and sick, throwing up. They had no memory of what they saw inside the craft.

Another person, Marion Shaw, claims she typed a lengthy report about the Kingman UFO crash while working in the Pentagon at the time.

Richard Dolan    UFOs and the National Security State
Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State, gave an excellent chronological presentation on the history of UFO cover-ups and denial. He tells us that UFOs are, “The greatest mystery of our time,” and that there are far more sightings seen than have been reported.

Dolan’s articulate and powerful message that, “Arrogant scientists deny their (UFOs) existence without having looked at the facts and sightings”, probably because many cases are inexplicable in conventional terms.

The Freedom of information Act has opened up UFO cases to scientists, permitting thousands of documents to be released. Dolan believes that releasing MJ12 documents is a way for the government to slowly manage long-term disclosure of UFOs to the public, while monitoring the reaction.

Dolan later tells me that MJ12 could in fact be a form of disclosure while at the same time a form of disinformation. They may disclose things that are essentially true, but either with false information, or that it is impossible to verify. Hence, monitoring the reaction would be a very important aspect of this.

Dolan spoke of the massive black budgets that the military and private corporations use under the guise of “Special Access Programs” (SAP), for their ongoing research and development of reverse alien technology. Dolan believes that wealthy private entities have hijacked alien technologies under SAP, and are withholding this technology to deal with the UFOs. He likens these groups to a, “bunch of corporate animals running around without a leash. We need to remove corporate control of government policies.”

“Our world is transforming rapidly, and it can’t stop”, says Dolan. It cannot be denied. “We are not living in normal times.” “Government disclosure”, he says, “will have to answer some tough questions about the nature of the illegal structure of secrecy, and other questions like who are these other beings, and why are they interested in us?

Dolan summarizes that we are in an era of major transition, and that we can expect a global transformation driven by technology and politics. He adds, there have been ceaseless UFO encounters worldwide, many by military personnel, and that even military agencies are in the dark on the UFO question.

Dolan believes they are interested in us because, “We are advancing rapidly and are about to leap into their world.”  Their free energy technology, he says, “will end our petrol based economy, and will be very disruptive”.

Roy Stevenson is a freelance writer based in Seattle, Washington. He’s had more than 370 published non-fiction articles on the paranormal, travel and culture, writing, military history, history, art, communications, health, fitness, running, triathlons, sports and film festival reviews. His work has appeared in over 100 magazines, in-flights and e-zines.