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Green Colored UFO Shuts Down Oslo Norway Airport

Oslo Norway
March 24, 2011: 16:00 - 17:30 Local Time

European news agencies reported that a green colored UFO resulted in a 90 minute shutdown of Oslo, Norway Garderoem Airport. Oslo is the second busiest airport in Scandinavia. For some reason no major U.S. news sources covered the incident. A SAS flight arriving from Frankfort, Germany saw the object which was blocking his approach.

The following is an account from a European News Source:

According to media reports the Oslo’s Airport at Gardermoen was forced to close on Thursday, March 24 busy spring afternoon, because of a UFO that entered its air space and stayed there.

A spokesman for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Knut Morten Johansen, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) Friday that the disruption also cost the airlines millions “because it affected so many flights and so many passengers.”

It was the crew on board an SAS flight that first spotted the small aircraft at the same elevation that the scheduled airlines maintain on approach to OSL. At first an SAS pilot said it looked like a hang-glider, while later reports called it a sail plane. It was not possible to establish any radio contact with its pilot.

The mysterious aircraft made it impossible for the incoming flights to land, and airport spokesman Jo Kobro of Oslo Lufthavn (OSL) said it hovered in the skies for more than an hour.

Civil aviation authority Avinor was expected to continue probing the incident.