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U.N. Prepares For Alien Life. Appoints Spokesperson

UN prepares for 'first contact' with alien life

By Steve Connor

Monday, 27 September 2010

Photo of Mazlan Othman.
Photo of Mazlan Othman.
(Tasked With Coordination
of Response If ET Contact)

The vexed issue of who should speak to an alien from another planet that demands "Take me to your leader" might soon be resolved.

The United Nations is about to appoint a little-known Malaysian astrophysicist to head its Office for Outer Space Affairs, which could soon be designated with the task of communicating with extraterrestrials. Mazlan Othman will tell delegates to a scientific conference next week at a country house outside London that she will head the UN office and be in charge of talking to any aliens who either arrive here from another world or, more likely, communicate with us.