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UFO Mystery Solved

September 26, 2008

The source of the mysterious lights over the Northeast Kindom and North Country last night has been revealed. The Vermont Air National Guard says its planes were conducting night-time flight training that involved the dropping of flairs from several aircraft.

Guard spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd Goodrow says last night’s exercise was originally supposed to be conducted over the Syracuse, New York, area, but was recently switched to northeastern Vermont. Last night’s training involved altitudes of between 10 and 40-thousand-feet - which could explain some of the usual movement of the aircraft.

As for the report of an “explosion” heard in the Barnet area Goodrow says that none of the planes broke the sound barrier last night but one came very close – hitting .9 mach. Goodrow said that under the right atmospheric conditions a speed that fast – while not technically breaking the sound barrier -  could still produce a sound.

….But this really turned-out to be UFO day as the phone lines lit-up with callers across the region who reported seeing strange lights in the sky last night. Some saw just a line of organized lights that appeared to hover and other reported seeing trails of lights coming from aircraft flying along the Vermont-New Hampshire border. Still others say they saw airplanes conducting unusual maneuvers and switching their lights on and off. A caller from Barnet said she heard the sound of an explosion.

Some called to say they witnessed similar things one night last week.

While it appears the logical explanation is some kind of night-time military exercise the activities reported do seem a bit out-of-the ordinary.

We’ve placed a call to the Vermont Air National Guard - which has a base in Burlington - but have not heard back yet from them yet.

Let us know if you saw anything usual  in the sky between Bethlehem, N.H., Barnet, Vt. And Lyndonville, Vt. Last night…and we’ll let you know what the military says when they return our call.