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Indiana Reports Received by Researcher Brian Vike

Reports Below Are Courtesy of Brian Vike:

Kokomo, Indiana Loud Boom Shakes Homes

Date:  April 16, 2008
Time:  Approx: 10:25 p.m.
There were more than 2 witnesses to whatever happened last night. There have been reports of 2 fighter jets and a line of 9 lights that flashed in the air. It has also been said it could have been a meteor. This is what happened as far as I experienced it. At 10:25 pm there was a loud BOOM and my house shook so hard that I thought something had fallen on it. Then everyone gathered outside and started talking about what they had seen in the air. I know personally that I have seen lights in the sky before, flying like no plane could fly. I did not see them last night though. I wish I had. I don't see how it could have been a meteor when the whole county heard and felt the shake and the 2 counties that surround us also seen or felt something. Thanks!
Thank you to the witness for sending in the information, it all helps out greatly.
Kokomo, Indiana Fighter Jets And Loud Boom
Date:  April 16, 2008
Time:  10:00 p.m.
Hey remember me, I'm from Marion, Indiana, last night in Kokomo, Indiana something blew up over the city and woke up my buddy and a bunch of other people. Its' all over the news and radio. It happened at 10:00 o'clock pm on April the 16th. But they said it was a dog fight between fighter jets. And I also heard it was a meteor shower. I didn't see it but alot of people did. I heard that the cops went to where they thought it fell. But they found nothing.
Thank you to the person for sending the report in.
Anderson, Indiana Something Falling Out Of The Sky
Date:  April 16, 2008
Time:  10:15 p.m.
Location of Sighting: McGalliard on the stretch toward the interstate.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: ?
Shape of objects: Round ?
Full Description of event/sighting: I was driving and I saw what looked like something large on fire in the sky I actually slowed down to watch and I noticed the cars around me did as well.  But I was sure I was going to watch something fall out of the sky and crash in the distance but it just disappeared. It looked like something large on fire almost skipping (as if on land) I kept waiting to see an explosion or something in the distance but it was just gone. I got online tonight to see if anyone else had seen it too or if there was a meteor reported but I'm just at a loss ?
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Kokomo, Indiana Jets A Boom And Witness Seeing Windows On A Craft
Date:  April 16, 2008
Time:  10:25 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Just West of Kokomo, In.
Number of witnesses: many
Number of objects: 9 flare like lights and 3 flashing lights.
Shape of objects: Circular.
HBCC UFO Research Note: Again, I would like to request if anyone else saw the event unfold would you please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at The news reports started off with a possible meteor sighting, that did not fit at all. Now the latest in the media is the Indiana Air National Guard carrying out exercises. Well this may be, but I sure have learnt not to take everything at face value, was there a unknown craft in the area and "possible pursuit by the military aircraft ?
Full Description of event/sighting: I heard the Boom, went outside and heard and saw overhead what looked like flames from the jets 2 engines. Then to the West about 30 Degrees above the horizon I saw two sets of  bright Orange shaded flares. The first set of 3 flares lit up one at a time from South to North. A few seconds later the second set of  about 6 or 7 flares lit up very close together in a straight line North to South just below and a little north on the first set. The flares lasted for only about 10 to 15 seconds.
Also I noticed 3 blinking lights (like normal plane lights) in the West at about 15 degrees above the horizon. They were in a straight  line spaced out about the width of my hand at arms length.

I saw similar flares and heard a jet last Fall in about the same location.

There were lots of reports of this incident. I talk to a person who was driving in the area very close to the objects. He claimed he could see windows on a craft with a lighted interior.

Maybe the jets were chasing something?
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Kokomo, Indiana Sonic Boom/Jet Fighters - Event Covered Up ?
Date:  April 16, 2008
Time:  After 10:00 p.m.
HBCC UFO Research has received numerous reports on this event, one of the witnesses tells of a unknown craft that was seen in the area. So knowing the military the way we do, I am wondering if there is more to this event than we are being told. It certainly would not surprise me, and after reading the below information it makes one wonder even more. Again, if anyone living in the area has any information over the April 16, 2008 event would they please contact Brian Vike at as any and all information is needed.

Brian Vike

In response to the sightings in Kokomo, IN on April 16th 2008, on the police scanner a little after 10pm, all available units (county, city and state police, from 2 different counties) were all scrambling to find the source of the sonic 'boom' They were discussing opening up two county schools football fields to open a search command post. About 45 mins into the search, a county official came over the radio and with a shaking voice, and "confirmed he was at the scene" Mind you, early in during the search, about 10:15pm, the police said they had contacted all major airports and no planes were in the area directly prior to the event. They specifically named Grissom AFB and the National Guard in Fort Wayne Indiana had been contacted and had no involvement. Suddenly after the official confirmed the info about the scene, they briefly kept calling it "an astronomical incident" and shortly after, all units were told they were dismissed from the search, and to return to their normal calls. All radio communication ceased, and the few officers talking were told to communicate with cellular phones. The night of April 16th, many unusual un-marker police cars were spotted around the Howard and Tipton county lines, as if they were guarding something.

The next morning, the National Guard released a statement saying it "may have been F-16 training in the area"

Hours later, they "confirmed it was government training"

Remember the first radio transmissions..."all airports and government establishments had been contacted, and denied any air action in that time period"



There were hundreds of 911 calls in Howard County Indiana within a 35 min time-span.

Thank you to the person for the important information.

Lafayette, Indiana Lights Jets Another Eye Witness To UFO Event
Date:  April 16, 2008
Time:  10:30 p.m.
Hello, I typed in "Kokomo Indiana UFO" into Google and came across your site and a description of a UFO that I also saw. I believe it was April 16, at 10:30 p.m. one day before the recent earthquake in Indiana and the surrounding area.

I am a recent graduate of Purdue University and I live in Lafayette, Indiana. What I saw took place at about 10:30 p.m. I was standing on my balcony having a cigarette and about ready to go back inside. However, I noticed a light in the Eastern sky. I assumed it was an airplane that was about to land at the Purdue Airport. I decided to watch the "airplane" fly over me before I went inside. But, instead, I saw this:

The appearance of the light was similar to an orange or yellow street light and it was bright enough that I assumed that the "airplane" was due to fly over me within a matter of minutes. But as I waited, the light did not move. So I waited longer. Then, it disappeared for a brief moment and then reappeared as five or seven similar lights forming a circle. As I watched, the lights formed the shape of a line. The line was again about five or seven lights and it was horizontal. 

Then from that line, another line of lights seemed to project from the horizontal line toward a vertical position. During this time, the entire array of lights seemed to move slightly North. The way the second line projected from the first was similar to the way a movie click board opens. Then, those lines seemed to move independent of each other and began moving around each other, either still as lines or independently. Finally, after witnessing this, which I would say took place for about 15 seconds, I ran inside to get my roommate to see it, but when we returned it was gone.

The sky that night was very clear and the moon was out. I also saw a few planes or jets flying all around the sky right after this event and they left many contrails. It has been something that has stayed in my mind ever since I saw it, so I decided to see if anything was on the internet about it. I ran into two other kids a week later who said they also saw it. They told me that many people in Kokomo saw this, therefore I assume that what I saw in Lafayette was the same object that was seen in Kokomo. I hope this helps you in anyway.

My name is (removed) and I live in downtown Lafayette, Indiana. Please send me an email to: (Email removed) if you need to or if there is any other information concerning this sighting. Thank you.
Thank you to the witness for their report. HBCC UFO Research -