2 Witness Several Lights in a “Strange Formation” Hovering in the Night Sky.

Location of Sighting: Cheney, Washington
Date of Sighting: November 18, 2015
Time of Sighting: 3 AM PST



Description: About 3 AM I saw a set of lights hovering in the sky to the east-southeast. I watched the lights for about half an hour and at some point woke up my girlfriend who also saw them. There were a series of distinct lights that appeared as a line with an isosceles triangle coming off the top edge of the line and sometimes a smaller isosceles triangle of lights appearing off the bottom edge, outlined in lights. The lights slowly pulsed from very bright to almost completely gone. The cloud cover seemed fairly high and the light could be seen reflecting off the clouds around the object. At times it seemed the lights would start moving slowly in one direction and then quickly speed up before stopping, but they always remained in the same area of the sky. There also may have been a very dim red light coming from the object, but this was only visible when the other lights dimmed and we could not be sure about the red light.

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