4-5 Objects Maneuver Quickly & Crisply.

Location of Sighting: Hillsboro, Ohio
Date of Sighting: November 3, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:20PM EDT

Watch Clip of Video (YouTube):



Description: Tonight November 3rd, 2016 we spotted 4 to 5 different objects flying rapidly throughout the sky towards Hillsboro Ohio. Three bright white lights appeared and then dissipated from left to right first with the left one going out then the middle and then the right one. Again 4 to 5 objects flew in unison throughout the sky traveling towards the south. They seemed to be hovering over the Mount Orab Ohio area and then traveling back up north after stopping on a dime. The maneuverability of these objects seems very quick and very crisp. Every once in awhile these lights would reappear and then again dissipate one by one. We last spotted two objects flying a standard distance apart the whole time, making it’s track back North, while the other 3 disappeared. We also noticed that shen passenger planes in the sky would approach, the lights would disappear with one of them rapidly shooting North into the sky as in from the ground straight up into the atmosphere it seemed.

Watch clip at :26 second mark. If you slow it down, something comes from the sky, flashes down toward earth, then two objects appear. Just before the “flash” downward, there’s a flash in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Perhaps this was a TR-3B maybe?

Note: The witness states to watch the video at the 26 second mark. The video sent was only 19 seconds long. The video does show multiple lights and some of the frames are zoomed into to one light. The witness says that he saw the same lights on November 4, 2016 (a day later than the original sighting). A sighting of 3 yellow lights occurred in Hillsboro, OH the day before (Nov 2, 2016).

Update – November 5, 2016: The witness saw the same lights again on November 4, 2016.

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