4 UFO’s Caught on Video Near Aircraft Contrail.

Location of Sighting: Salmon Creek, Washington
Date of Sighting: May 29, 2016
Time of Sighting: 1:30 PM PDT

Center map

Witness Has Posted Video on YouTube at Following Link:







Description: This is real and I have two witnesses.

Real UFO’s were seen in Vancouver Washington on May 29th, 2016 exactly at 1:32 PM. A total of 4 UFO’s were shot on camera. At 1:30 PM I shot a Chem-trail video of two Jets that got my immediate attention. I texted a friend to look-up in the sky. I looked at his text in my garage. I stepped outside and there is this strange object, and this object is black and hovering there. I instantly turned on my Samsung 3 Phone and shot this video. A total of 4 UFO’s are in this video.

As I was filming this the crows were freaked out just as I was. As I shot this video, I was walking back in steps trying to find someone and luckily I did. My neighbor came out with her grandson and we all witnessed this amazing event. This was shot in Salmon Creek outside of Vancouver Washington.

I analyzed the video, well so far this is what I found:

In the beginning the white saucer is seen at .25 this was discovery.

The hovering saucer is always around the evergreen tree.

1:07 there is a Flash of some find related to the white object – turn down the speed to .25

1:18 the white UFO appears again.

2:21 the second Saucer is next to the evergreen tree – hit pause and even .25 speed in the settings.

2:34 the second Saucer is at the bottom left side of the screen.

3:32 the second Saucer is visible.

From 4:03 to 4:07 a 3rd fast paced Dark Saucer is on some kind of a path it come back.

Note: The witness contradicts himself by referring to the first object as dark and then he refers to it as white. The still image shows that it is fairly dark.

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9 Responses to 4 UFO’s Caught on Video Near Aircraft Contrail.

  1. Jack L. Metcalfe says:

    The only thing caught here are birds, insects & bits of debris (the bright specks) which are spider webs, etc. near the glare of the sun.

  2. Westcoaster says:

    They look like birds.

  3. Jim says:

    After viewing the video several times I see most of what he claims are in the video. Yes, there are birds (Crows), a white flyby object which could be debris or a cotton ball from a Cotton Wood tree, but usually you see a lot of these fly by not just one. The black object could be a bird like a Hawk, but it is stationary in relation to the clouds and trees throughout most of the video. If it is a Hawk, it is stationary due to holding it’s position in the wind which they do a lot for hunting prey below on ground. But based on the following I think the black stationary object is a UFO related to the following:
    Now> how do we explain the obvious stationary saucer shaped object at about tree top level with cloud in background at 3:33 on time line which is panned to very quickly. I suspect that it was not seen while recording. I found this with my Adobe Premier Editor and then still frame to Photoshop. I sent these to William.

    • Administrator says:

      Jim: Thanks for your comments. It is good to see someone do some investigation. I get a lot of “one line” debunk comments. Most of these are debunk by “proclamation” (my mind is already made up, don’t bother me with the facts). I received your still images and will post.

  4. John says:

    After playing the video several times, I go back to about 2:21 to where the dark object decends rapidly down past the evergreen tree, at which point the viewer appears to be scanning the previous location where it was spotted by the movement of his cell phone. At 3:30 a dark object is dropping quickly out of sight. The viewer again appears to be scanning the sky for the dark object. At approximately 3:55, it’s visible again. My observations of this video, imho, is that it’s not a bird, weather balloon or drone due to it’s characteristics of movements. Also the bright white object in a small portion of the video is also interesting where it comes into view at approximately :40 & flies away from the dark object at an angle. Interesting video from this viewer.

  5. Marv says:

    I can say I witnessed this event. I work nearby in Seattle, WA and looked up to see what looked to be 6 to 8 objects in the sky about I would say 7,000 meters high above the Renton area. The objects where split up and moving upwards, but soon grouped up into 1 object in an abnormal fashion. At one point one of the object splitback out and turned into the group at too fast and steep of an angle to be a jet like how you’d see other UFO’s circle an object. At this point the object are past 10,000 meters and aren’t leaving a chem trail and there was no jet sound to be heard from this whole ordeal. The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes. I lost sight of the object when it got too small in the sky to see. It definitely was climbing for a good while and for sure it wasn’t birds. They can’t go as high as this object did. Seeing this object makes me wonder if anyone else saw it so I looked online and found this article and site so here is my 2 cent report.

  6. Marv says:

    The object was black, but would pick up the occasional sun glare. But it never reflected off the bottom of the craft from my view. It wasn’t grey and I wasn’t able to make out the shape from my view. It could have been a jet squadron, but it was just abnormal in how high it climbed and it’s formation and how high it went without leaving a Chem trail.

  7. Marv says:

    I also remember seeing the chem trail from the commercial plane seen in the video and it’s in correct correlation to where I would see it from my view and what caught my attention in the first place leading me to discover the objects in the sky. Sorry for the tripe post. I look up at the sky frequently hoping to one day see something abnormal and that was just my lucky day. LOL!

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