5-6 Star-Like Objects Follow Each Other in Circle.

Location of Sighting: Long Island, New York
Date of Sighting: November 17, 2016
Time of Sighting: 11:28 PM EST

Description: A man was outside smoking a cigarette and noticed 5 to 6 star-like objects that seemed to follow each other in a circle in a small area of the sky. The objects were nearly straight up. The witness stated that skies were clear. He looked at other stars and constellations and nothing else was moving. (I told him that a phenomenon called “autokinesis” can occur if one stares at an object or objects. The objects will appear to jump or move. It is an optical illusion. The witness was convinced that the only objects that moved were the objects nearly straight up. The objects were in a small area of the sky. He had been watching them for around one hour. He stated that the objects appeared to be following one another in a circular motion. The witness heard no sound. He was looking for someone in his area to observe the lights.

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