Note: Not All of The Cases Below Are “Clear Cut” Abductions. Cases Where Missing Time Was Reported Are Also Included.

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Reports Received After 1/1/2012:

Abduction With Interaction

Abduction With Time Dilation

Abduction Simple or Without Memory

Reports Received Prior to 2012:

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4 Responses to Abductions

  1. Nicholas Parkin says:

    I began looking at this site out of curiosity. I have always been open minded, but I’m a realist.

    When I started reading one of your articles, I began to wonder if something that happened when I was a child was an abduction. I don’t recall the article title, but it had a lady with a triangular bruise. I have gotten something similar from what I have always told myself was a dream.
    It is a triangular mark on the inside of my right upper arm. I have looked for similar marks online and have had little success.

    What really got me in the article was the response from Robert that this was common. If I could get in touch with this person, maybe he could answer some questions for me.

    • Jose says:

      Hi: I am wondering know if you get any answers about your case. I may have someone can help you with.

      Thanks Jose

      • Administrator says:

        Hi: Curious to know what help that you render? Are there therapists that will work free of charge?


  2. cheistie adkins says:

    I had a dramatic sighting. I saw a blue thing just above the trees for hours and others higher up. This went on from 12:30 AM thru 4:15 AM when I went in to go to bed. They were still there, but gone at 6:14 AM when I got up. An investigator from another reporting agency beleives I may have had an abduction experience when i went to sleep. There are many details, but it’s how I woke up at 6:14 AM. I awoke in mid air near the ceiling and I dropped ontop of my husband who was asleep across the room by the fireplace. I was filled with excitement and was happy when I went inside to sleep when I awoke in mid air and landed on my husband I began beating him in his chest begging him to wake up because “we have to kill them.” I was screaming. I don’t remember anything. I had no dreams, and I was in a trembling panic and was crying. My husband wouldn’t wake up. I threw back my head and screamed bloody murder. At this time he finally woke up. Trembling and hiding behind him we went to the window and looked out and they were gone. Please give me some info about free regression. I have had odd experiences since.

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