America’s Flying Saucer Project (Avrocar) Recently Declassified



Popular Mechanics Magazine ( Feb, 2013 issue features a new article on America’s only “known” flying saucer project (Avrocar). Although this project has been known about for years, all of the documents relating to the project were only recently declassified (Sep, 2012). The nine page Popular Science article summarized information in the newly declassified documents. Highlights of the article follow:

• Project Called “Project 1794”

• Scientist Named Jack Frost Hired to Begin Study in 1947

– One Wonders if The Roswell Crash or Mass 1947 Sightings Were the Reason
for starting the project?

• Above Scientist Believed That Nazis Were Working on “Flying Disk” Project

The Complete Declassified Project Is Available for Download (PDF)

• Avrocar Never Flew More Than 3 Feet Off of the Ground

• Project “Scrubbed” in 1961

• Avrocar Prototype Moved From Smithsonian to Wright-Patterson AFB Museum

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5 Responses to America’s Flying Saucer Project (Avrocar) Recently Declassified

  1. Richard Burgeson says:

    How about the Silver Bug vehicles?

  2. ThomasT says:

    In other words any UFOs you may have seen or heard of were this, so please move on and don’t ask any silly questions.

    Larry King on CNN YouTube, UFOS Shut Down Missile Silos, and will let you know that this was just a bit of misinfo to lull you back to sleep. And coming from the very publication that confirmed the Twin Towers fell from jet fuel and paper burning. “Where Did The Towers Go” a book by Dr Judy Wood, Youtube and her book exposes this publication as a Government, misinfo source.

  3. Bill Zuk says:

    Nearly every statement made above is wrong.
    • The “project” was not called “Project 1794″ until later in it’s genesis, but was known under a number of titles, including Project Y and Y-2, Project Silver Bug, PV-704 and finally, Weapons System WS606A.
    • John Carver Meadows “Jack” Frost was a “designer,” the equivalent of an aeronautical engineer, not a scientist, and he was not hired to begin any study in 1947. He was brought to Canada to become the lead on the XC-100 project, Canada’s first jet fighter.
    • The statement “One Wonders if The Roswell Crash or Mass 1947 Sightings Were the Reason for starting the project?” is ludicrous and can be attributed to Palmiro Campagna’s speculation in his “The UFO Files: The Canadian Connection Exposed.”
    • Jack Frost did not believe that Nazis were working on a “Flying Disk” project, rather he dismissed the possibility as a complex hoax.
    • The Avrocar was able to lift off its “tree-trunk” ground effect cushion and was able to transition to near-flight, but was considered unstable at heights above three feet, that is why test flights were first tethered and later limited to a one-metre altitude.
    • The WS-606A and its accompanying VZ-9AV Avrocar program was not cancelled or “Scrubbed” in 1961, but was merely allowed to end as no more U.S. or other funds were allotted.
    • There were two Avrocar prototypes, not one. The wind-tunnel test model (S/N 58-7055) was moved from NASA Ames to the Smithsonian’s Garber Facility before going to Wright-Patterson AFB Museum. S/N 59-4975, utilized for “flight” testing, returned to Canada briefly for display in Montreal at the Man and His World Exhibition (1968); after a lengthy period of outdoor display, it is at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum in Fort Eustis, Virginia.

    • Administrator says:

      I am curious to know where you obtained all of your information?

      • Bill Zuk says:

        In response to the query: “I am curious to know where you obtained all of your information?” The background is based on my book, “Avrocar: Canada’s Flying Saucer” (Boston Mills Press, 2001) and the follow-up Discovery Canada documentary film (2002) of the same title. Over 30 years of research by historian Les Wilkinson was the basis of each project.

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