April 14, 2015 – Saint Peters, Missouri – 8:38 PM CDT



Description: I live in Saint Peters Missouri. At around 8:38 PM On April 14th, 2015 my dad was looking out the kitchen window into our backyard and saw a bright light. He went outside to see what it was and said that he saw a bright light that he described as “like fire”. He also said that it reminded him of the white phosphorus flares that he used when he was in the army. Shortly after he saw the light he came in to tell me to go look outside and “identify the light in the sky”. Usually my dad jokes around about things, but I was confused because he seemed like he was completely serious. So I got up to go look with him and when we got outside there was nothing. But I did notice something strange on the opposite side of where he had been pointing. In the sky there was a light that looked like a star. Then as I looked closer I realized that it was blinking and it was cloudy outside so it couldn’t have been a star. So I though well it is blinking it is probably just an airplane. I went inside for approximately two minutes then came back outside to the same spot to see that the object hadn’t moved at all and was still blinking. I quickly tried to research some pictures of what we had seen and this is what I came up with. The first picture us of a white phosphorus flare which is kind of close to what my dad said he saw (minus all of the smoke). The second picture is a picture of a so called UFO that I found on Google images that looked similar to what I saw.

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