August 1, 2012 – Astoria, Oregon – 2:38 AM PDT

2nd of Two Photos Taken of Lights. Photo is Enlarged About 2X.

2nd of Two Photos Taken of Lights. Photo is Enlarged About 2X.

Description: My boyfriend came in from outside and told me there was 2 strange extremely bright lights in the sky. I got up and looked and saw a very bright white light. It almost looked like a huge very bright spot light, but it kept changing going dimmer and then bright again. Then my daughter and her friend came to look at it also. Then all of a sudden it changed to a rainbow light and then back to the bright white light alternating between extremely bright to dim. Then you could see 2 different lights one on top of the other. It was moving in a very quick line up and down and then side to side. Then it just vanished. I tried to get a picture of it, but my camera isn’t the best. I did get a few far away pictures.

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