August 10, 2014 – Gonzales, Texas – 9:55 PM CDT



Description: It’s been like a month ago. I was outside of my home and I see these lights moving away from the moon. They look like stars or something like that so I keep looking, but I realized they were moving away. So I decided to take some pictures with my phone and as I take my telescope out I look on it and I see the light has 4 different colors (blue, yellow, red and white). But on the picture, these lights don’t look like what I see on my telescope so I don’t know what I am seeing. These are pictures. I don’t know if the pictures have something out of this world. Just let me know if you find something on it.

Note: The lights “highlighted” in the above photo may not be the lights seen by the witness through his telescope. The lights in the photo could be a lens flare due to the moon.

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