August 26, 2011 – Hammond, Indiana – 9 PM EDT

Photo & Enlargement of 2 Orange Orbs.

Photo & Enlargement of 2 Orange Orbs.

Description: At approximately 9:00 PM in Hammond, Indiana I was looking towards the North sky while outside on a nice clear night. There were no clouds, just stars. Up in the sky appears a bright orange ball of light the size of a streetlight from approximately 3 blocks away traveling from North going South then going East. All of a sudden, another bright orange ball appears out of the blue, not quite next to the other, but close enough. I went into my house, called husband out to witness, & grabbed my camera. I took one picture. There is a star in the middle of the two orange balls of light & if you zoom you can see the twinkle of the star, but the balls of light get intense with a powerful orange. They separated at one point, then went back together, separated again, then back together and then separated. Then one went straight up (not at an angle), but up, got smaller & smaller then disappeared. Then the other one was just there in one place, then suddenly it was going straight up, getting smaller, & smaller, & disappeared. I have lived by an airport all my life. I know planes & lights. This was not normal. It was not a holiday and there were no parties with fireworks. Nothing. They were just clear bright orange balls of light, traveling at a bizarre speed, pairing up out of the blue with another, quiet, up, up & away, one at a time. My sighting lasted at least 2 minutes. My husband & I couldn’t believe what we saw. What the heck was this?

Note: The photo is interesting. Explanations of stars, planets, space junk or meteors do not fit this sighting.

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3 Responses to August 26, 2011 – Hammond, Indiana – 9 PM EDT

  1. Sd says:

    Look at the Taiwan 2011 New Years videos with UFO buzzing around the tall tower with fireworks. Many different videos were taken of the same object. It kind of looks like this picture. It makes your hair stand up and makes you feel very open minded and in disbelief.

  2. James taylor says:

    I saw the same thing last night. I have one on video.

  3. Mello says:

    I definitely saw the same thing in July of this year.

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