August 27, 2011 – East Troy, Wisconsin – 9:30 PM CDT

Video Taken of Strange Red Light – Troy, WI (View Video Below):

Still Image of Red Light Extracted From Video.

Still Image of Red Light Extracted From Video.


Description: My friends and I were at my friend’s lake house and two of the girls with us were sitting on a pier and saw an orange ball/orb shaped thing in the sky and said what was that? All of us (20 people) continued to watch it move west until the light slowly faded away. We pondered if it was an airplane, meteor or hot air ballon for quite sometime and about 45 minutes later the same two girls saw it come out of the trees again. This time we all saw it almost immidiately as it rose from the tree line and it took what seemed to us the same exact path west. The size of the ball just gradually shrank until it was nothing.

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