August 31, 2013 – Darrington, Washington – 11 PM PDT

Description: The witness and her daughter were outside star gazing. The witness lives across the street from the Darrington, WA Municipal Airport. She noticed a few military helicopters touching down at the airport. She thought that this was unusual because normally the military choppers only visit the airport during daylight hours. Then she saw a cyclist who was riding towards the airport. Then she saw Snohomish County, WA sheriff cars literally the chase the cyclist from the airport. Soon after a large flat bed truck drove from the airport escorted by the law enforcement patrol cars. On the truck was a large spherical silver object. The object was not covered on the truck and was clearly visible. The truck headed towards the west in the direction of Interstate 5. The helicopters departed to the south towards the McChord-Ft. Lewis Military Complex.

Note: I spoke at length with this witness. She responded to all of my questions in a concise manner. Who knows what this object could be? Perhaps a radar dome? Why was the truck escorted by local law enforcement? Why was the cyclist kept away from the truck? One would think that the object would have been covered if it was classified. However, the darkness would have obscured the details of the object.

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  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    If this was an actual event as described, then it might have to do with the movement of some sort of materials that might be utilized in any sort of military efforts that are being planned in the Middle East, but this is just a guess.

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