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4 Silver “Line Shaped” Objects Exhibit Waving Side to Side Motion Then All Disappear.

Location of Sighting: RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Date of Sighting: February 18, 2018 Time of Sighting: 11:15 AM EST Description: SUNDAY MORNING AT 11:15 AM I AM EATING MY BREAKFAST IN THE GARAGE. THE SKY WAS CLEAR AND THERE WERE NO … Continue reading

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Hovering Light Changes Color From Red to Blue.

Location of Sighting: Nambe, New Mexico Date of Sighting: February 2, 2018 Time of Sighting: Around 6:30 PM MST Description: I saw a distinct red and then blue light in the sky for about 45 minutes. It was not moving. … Continue reading

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Highly Reflective Triangular Chrome Object Stops Abruptly.

Location of Sighting: Erving, Massachusetts Date of Sighting: July, 2015 Time of Sighting: 7 AM EDT Description: I saw a very similar object the year before! We were heading east on Route 2 towards Boston going on vacation in July … Continue reading

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Yellow Light Blinks On & Off Follows Car.

Location of Sighting: On I-90 Near Alberton, Montana Date of Sighting: October, 1999 Description: This exact thing happened to me in the same area on I-90 back in October, 1999. I saw a yellow light and thought that it was … Continue reading

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Strange Gridded Marks Found on Woman’s Arm.

Location of Sighting: Carrot River, Saskatchewan, Canada Date of Sighting: February 15, 2018 Time of Sighting: 3:15 PM CST Description: Hello. We talked awhile ago about marks I found on my husband’s back. I’m emailing you again because a girl … Continue reading

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4 Individual Lights Merge As They Fly Away.

Location of Sighting: Arbroath, Scotland. Date of Sighting: January 30, 2018 Time of Sighting: 8:45 PM Local Time Description: Hi: I saw something like what you are describing tonight about 20 minutes ago. it was over Arbroath, Scotland. I too … Continue reading

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“Charcoal Briquette” Shaped Object Glowing Center Bounces Through Air.

Location of Sighting: Highland, California Date of Sighting: August, 2003 Time of Sighting: Dusk Description: Have I contacted you before? I thought I did. Well if you would like, you can email back. In August, 2003 I was standing outside … Continue reading

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Bright Orange Orb Suspended in Mid Air Moved Upwards, Vanishes.

Location of Sighting: Orland, California Date of Sighting: February 13, 2018 Time of Sighting: 4:25 AM PST Description: I saw a bright orange orb suspended in mid air. It moved slowly moved upwards then sped up and vanished. We do … Continue reading

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Diamond Shaped Object Shows Up in Webcam Photos.

Location of Sighting: Hurricane Ridge Lodge, Washington Date of Sighting: February 12, 2018 Time of Sighting: 12:35 PM PST Description: This photo is from the webcam at the Hurricane Ridge lodge. The elevation at a little over 5,200 feet. I … Continue reading

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50 to 75 Birds Vanish at Same Spot Above Boat.

Location of Sighting: Puget Sound Naval Complex, Everett, Washington Date of Sighting: February 7, 2018 Time of Sighting: Approximately 4 PM PST Description: I live in Everett, WA by the naval base. Four days ago I watched 50 to 75 … Continue reading

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