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July 4, 2014 – Parkland, Washington – 10 PM PDT

Description: Some friends and I were celebrating the 4th with some fireworks and some BBQ in Parkland, WA. The location of which this is at is dark and you can see the stars in the night sky very well as … Continue reading

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January 19, 2015 – Springfield, Oregon – 8:30 & 9:30 PM PST

Description: At approximately 8:30 PM I noticed a bright blue light out my window facing the east. It stayed in one place and I thought it could be a new street light or plane coming from that direction. About an … Continue reading

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January 20, 2015 – Just S. of Bellingham, Washington – 6 AM PST

Listen to Witness Report (YouTube): Description: A man saw a bright orange orb about 4 times the size of the brightest star. The orb was flying slowly southeast and a commercial jetliner was seen flying below it. The object moved … Continue reading

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January 20, 2015 – Wynne, Arkansas – 3:30 AM CST

Listen to Brief Recorded Report (YouTube): Description: A man was outside in the middle of the night working on his heating stove. He noticed several erratic moving multicolored lights in the clear night sky. He lives close to an airport … Continue reading

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January 14, 2014 – Abbotsford, BC Canada – 10 PM PST

Description: Hi William. I took these photos at 10 PM Wednesday night looking east from Abbotsford, British Columbia. Of interest is the object in the lower left. It is black and has a head and a long tail. Also some … Continue reading

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January 17, 2015 – Cottonwood, California – 7:50 PM PST

Description: I saw a large bright red ball in the western sky moving slightly moving northward. It zigzagged, was still, stopped, started, stopped again, got dark and then was gone. Note: Given the erratic motion the orb is likely not … Continue reading

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November 30, 2014 – Lava Hot Springs, Idaho – 12:15 AM MST

Description: My husband and I were watching TV at 12:15 AM on Nov 30th, 2014 when we noticed that the lights in our home started dimming slowly. My husband thought that he saw lightning outside towards the mountains to the … Continue reading

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August 24, 2013 – Fish Creek, Wisconsin – 8:25 AM CDT

Description: Note: I am a photographer and was out making random landscape photographs in the Fish Creek, WI rural area and made this capture of a small rural church. I did not notice the four (4) white objects until after … Continue reading

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August 5, 2007 – Fayetteville, Arkansas – 1 AM to 5 AM CDT

Listen to Recording of Interview (YouTube): Description: The witness’s mother called and reported a sighting her daughter and many others experienced several years ago. The call was made on Jan 13, 2015. A clip of the interview can be listened … Continue reading

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Summer, 1949 – Citrus Heights, California – Near Sunset

This report was received from newspaper columnist Sam Uptegrove. Sam can be reached at email: Description: I just wanted to contact you for more information on the UFO sightings that you have run across and ask if you have … Continue reading

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