Bright Object Seen Following Jet. Photos Taken.

Location of Sighting: Saylor Park, Ohio
Date of Sighting: January 19, 2016
Time of Sighting: 7:58 AM EST



Description: The first two pictures show the object behind the jet by about an inch. I first saw the object because of flashes of light. ( I thought it was sun reflecting off of it). I first thought that it was a plane, but it had no exhaust trail. Then I watched move from left of the plane to almost over it to in front of the plane to where you see it in the picstures. These movements where instantaneous. It would disappear and then reappear in the new location. The plane was heading southwest. I was in Saylor Park, Ohio heading east around 8 AM today on Route 50 by Bender Road. The pictures were taken from inside my car. After a few minutes I pulled over to take some pictures. In the third picture it had disappeared from the field of view. I got out of my car and searched the sky. I saw it three more times. In just under a few seconds it went from the south far away from the plane.  ( I checked my compass app on my phone) to just overhead as I looked up I saw two more flashes directly overhead and it bolted to the northern horizon leaving a visible concision wake in front of it. Using my phone  level app I saw that the hill to my north was at a 27 degree incline over the horizon and the southern hills where at a 8 degree incline. This object cleared 140 degrees of the sky in under 3 seconds. I was parked across the street on Route 50 from Jim and Jack’s bar. So you have my position.

Note: If I were looking at the photos alone and did not use the sighting information provided by the witness, I would say that the object is a portion of “un-evaporated” contrail. However, the witness saw the object disappear, reappear and move erratically so this explanation is doubtful.

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