Bright Star-Like Object Moves in Line, Stops & Changes Direction.

Location of Sighting: Meridian, Idaho
Date of Sighting: July 30, 2016
Time of Sighting: 10 PM MDT

Description: I was visiting Meridian, Idaho last Saturday, July 30th and noticed something similar around 10 PM. I noticed what looked like a bright star. It would move in a direct line, stop and stay in that area moving sharply to the left, right, up, down. Then it would move in a direct line to another area, stop and move down, up, left, right again. The up, down, left, right movements were short and random. I thought it was a satellite taking pictures of the Pioneer fire. I watched it move in a direct line, stop and move right, left, up, down for more than an hour. After awhile it continued to move, but only in a direct line. It would stop then move in a direct line. I watched it move to the bottom of the sky. I noticed there was a star below it that was not bright and was moving in sync with the bright star. I then saw that there were four more stars in the form of a rectangle to the lower right of the bright star. All six stars (lights) moved together staying in a pattern that never changed. I watched the pattern of six lights move to the top of the sky. Their pattern did not change. I got tired and went inside at ten minutes after midnight. I had stayed outside for more than 2 hours watching these stars. Is it possible that these were drones maybe practicing formation?

Note: The witness is referring to a sighting of a zigzagging light in Bow Washington.

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4 Responses to Bright Star-Like Object Moves in Line, Stops & Changes Direction.

  1. karl says:

    That is pretty interesting!

    • Larry says:

      I also have witnessed this form of a UFO. On April 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th,and it will be there tonight also. It appears to be a star, but if you watch it for more than 4 seconds it brightens up and moves in the same patterns over and over, left, right up down and in circles. I look at all the stars and they have a yellow tint, but this one is white and brightens every time it moves, not like the world turns, but very erratic. Yes I know stars move as the earth turns, but this is something else. The only reason that I can come up with is it’s resting or hiding or the pull up on the dark side of the earth to act like a star so they that are on board can take a nap. This is over the Marsing area and I have 3 others that have seen it too, but they don’t seem interested. But me being 62 years old this month only wish I could see a UFO. Until this week, I believe that this has changed me and so has me worried because my witnesses could care less. What would an alien want to hang around Idaho for when we have nothing of any importance in this state, so sir in Meridian I’d like to talk to you about this in more detail. While watching the moving star I was looking at another star and something with no lights flew past the star I was looking at. There were no white, green or red lights on it. I don’t think you can fly at night without your running lights on. I believe they know about disclosure coming soon and they don’t care of we see them or not. I know this is not a star and from what I have seen for the last 3 nights between 9:30 at night till 2:00 AM, they seem to be gone or in another position to follow the movement of the real stars. I know at least I am not the only one that noticed this. There are pattern changes, but it’s always the same movement so they have it on auto and go to sleep at that time. Thanks for allowing me to share this.

      PS: If your a non-believer, you should set your alarm clocks wake and look up. I am not scared, but just worried.

  2. Kelly butler says:

    I seen the same thing, every night. It starts in same place. I have tried to zoom and take pictures, but the movement causes me to not be able to photograph it. It’s very bright, dims and gets brighter and will disappear and reappear. Sometimes, it appears to be long shaped. I am from Forest City, NC.

    • James René says:

      Hi Kelly and other commenters.

      What you have just described is exactly what I have just witnessed here in the United Kingdom, South East England just off the Thames Estuary. Just to note I am a photographer with a sharp eye. (I am not crazy!!!)

      I know stars, I know what satellites look like when they travel, but this I have just seen is something completely different. I was just standing in my garden watching the night sky, to then see a bright light high up in space travel through the trees in my garden. To my assumption it was the Hubble or the ISS, however as it got brighter and moving slowly (which neither a Satellite or ISS would do…) it just stopped. And it is still in the sky as we speak. I am not going crazy, and I am not talking nonsense. Sadly I can’t capture any footage as my iPhone will not go in that far, and also my Nikon D810 camera can’t even pick it up. It is very odd indeed. To point out that it is also not a professional drone as I have one myself that I use for work, and it would not behave the same way as to what I am seeing. While I am typing this I have just checked again and it is still there, yet its glowing brighter and then dimming. It also appears to have some sort of gas like glow around it. I know this isn’t clouds or jet fumes from planes causing an illusion as the sky here is extremely clear, and no major flight paths above me. It’s just a white light that moved slowly and now has stopped. I have to admit is is pretty frightening yet intriguing what ever it is.
      I couldn’t find anything on the web, and this site with a last post being April 2nd 2018 was enough for me to respond with my own sighting.

      Can anyone advise and look into this? Help!

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