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Triangular UFO Emits Light Beam. Strange Dreams Follow.

Location of Sighting: Fort Walton Beach, Florida Date of Sighting: 1989 to 1991 Time of Sighting: 8 PM EST Description: I just want this to be stated. I am not looking to get any publicity or anything like that. The … Continue reading

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Man Loses 36 Hours Time in Aug, 1990.

Location of Sighting: Centralia, Washington Date of Sighting: August 17, 1990 (Estimated) Description: I didn’t witness anything. I experienced 36 hours of missing time. In Aug of 1990 I came home from work, watched Miami Vice, and went to bed … Continue reading

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Silver Cigar Shaped Object Floats 30 Seconds & Vanishes.

Location of Sighting: Portland, Oregon Date of Sighting: September 25, 1990 Time of Sighting: 2 PM PDT Description: I saw a cigar shaped object silver or aluminum in color with no lights. It just floated about 30 seconds, made no … Continue reading

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Mans Recalls Strange Beam of Light From Horizon to Horizon.

Location of Sighting: Hell Creek, Montana Date of Sighting: Summer of 1990 Description: I saw a beam of light from horizon to horizon while I was at Hell Creek, Montana in the summer or 1990. It sounds very similar to … Continue reading

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Man Sees Fire Fly Like Objects Speed Across Sky & Disappear.

Location of Sighting: Amberg, Germany Date of Sighting: 1990 Description: 1990 in Amberg Germany I saw what looked like fire flies at first. Then they made a triangle formation, two at top and one at the bottom. They then traveled … Continue reading

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Man Recalls Close UFO Encounter & Lost Time.

Location of Sighting: Rock Springs, Texas Date of Sighting: November or December, 1990 Time of Sighting: Evening Description: A man was on his ranch sitting outside by a fire. He saw an oval shaped UFO land near his ranch. The … Continue reading

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March 26, 1990 – Morocco – Shortly After Midnight Description: In 1990 I was in Morocco. It was the last week of March Sunday shortly after midnight and I was in the country area. I saw a yellow square aircraft that landed in front of me about 20 … Continue reading

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