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Scientists Discover “Electronic Bacteria” – Aliens?

Source: February, 2015 Issue of Popular Science Magazine Article – Have We Found Alien Life? Scientists may have found microbes that eat and breath electricity. This has forced scientists to reimagine how life works on this planet and others. Scientist … Continue reading

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December 13, 2014 – An “Area 51” Insider Talks

Description: Has anyone ever mentioned a special area other than 51? This other area is where all of the real secrets are at. This is stuff that you would never believe, but say  ( I knew it ). I worked … Continue reading

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November 3, 2014 – French Government Continues UFO Investigation

November 3, 2014: Source: BBC News ( Thousands of UFO sightings are reported every year but not many countries are willing to spend money investigating them – there is just one dedicated state-run team left in Europe. Is France onto … Continue reading

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German Crop Circle Discovered From Hot Air Balloon

Source: – NBC News – July 31, 2014 Thousands of people are trekking to a Bavarian farmer’s field to check out a mysterious set of crop circles. The ornate design, which has a diameter of nearly 250 feet, was … Continue reading

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May 8, 2014 – News Flash – Did UFO Attack Taliban?

What is this mysterious aircraft filmed ‘blitzing Taliban base in Afghanistan’? Footage shows ‘UFO’ blasting terrorists’ encampment Cosmic intervention as U.S.-led ISAF plans withdrawal from the country Clip shot by U.S. Marines shows unknown craft bombarding Taliban camp It appears … Continue reading

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April 11, 2014 – Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom – Early Evening

“][/video] Source: Description: This is bizarre. A 16-year-old girl saw a giant black ring in the sky above England and captured it on video. After three minutes of floating around like a cloud, the black ring disappeared completely. So … Continue reading

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March 10, 2014 – Black Project Aircraft Photographed – Amarillo, TX

SOURCE: AVIATION WEEK AND SPACE TECHNOLOGY As far as I know, this sort of thing has happened only once since 1956. That was when British magazines started getting eyewitness accounts and grainy photos of the Lockheed U-2, then operating out … Continue reading

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Mid February, 2014 – Sonaran Desert, Arizona – Cyclists See Strange Reptilian Creature

I learned about this recent sighting while attending a local UFO meeting in Helena, MT. A Reptilian ET was sighted north of Tucson by three cyclists traversing the 17-mile Old Pueblo Trail through the Sonoran desert. At our meeting the … Continue reading

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March 13, 2011 – Area 51 Military Base, Nevada

Description: I was searching the historical imagery of Area 51 to view the progress of new structures. The cloud casting a shadow from a northern sun caught my attention. That fake cloud is the “smoking gun” that proves that particular … Continue reading

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December 4, 2013 – Congress Holds 2-Hour Hearing on “Aliens”

Source: “The-Wire” – The House science committee carved out two hours of time on Wednesday to discuss the search for extraterrestrial life. Because the House has just seven days of work left before the end of the year, this … Continue reading

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