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August 24, 2013 – Fish Creek, Wisconsin – 8:25 AM CDT

Description: Note: I am a photographer and was out making random landscape photographs in the Fish Creek, WI rural area and made this capture of a small rural church. I did not notice the four (4) white objects until after … Continue reading

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November 28, 2013 – Milford, New Hampshire – 3 PM EST

Description: I thought that the images were odd reflections in the glass, but I went outside and couldn’t see what could be causing those shadows. I watched the History Channel the other day and they showed photos of aliens (extraterrestrial … Continue reading

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June or July, 2013 – Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand – 7 PM Local Time

Description: This all happened in June or July 2013, and it has never left my mind since and has had a big impact on my daily life. I’m on a mission to get to the bottom of this mystery. (This … Continue reading

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June 13, 2013 – Davidson, North Carolina – 9:05-9:06 PM EDT

Description: I exited my car one evening to discover a set of four blue lights hovering in the sky over an undeveloped section of town. The formation of lights was quadrilateral, but impossible to describe precisely since I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

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April, 2013 – Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

\ Description: The picture was taken about a year 1/2 ago. North Carolina I believe Kill Devil Hills. I’m not sure exactly when it was taken. My sister was pregnant at the time. Her child is 1 she sent me … Continue reading

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August 9, 2013 – Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina – 5 PM EDT

Description: I too have seen 3 blue orbs in the sky off the beach. I looked away, then back and they were gone. Then last night (August 12, 2014) at about 9:00 PM my wife and I saw a bar … Continue reading

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November 30, 2013 – Pawnee, Texas – 10 PM CST

Description: I was lying in back of my pick-up looking at the night sky. I saw many stars shining brightly, but one star (just another star out of millions) was moving slowly northwest at a speed of about 20 MPH … Continue reading

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December 27, 2013 – State College, Pennsylvania – 8 PM EST

Description: I saw a triangular shaped object, maybe 50 feet per side, sighted directly overhead, moving very slowly in a forward motion just above the roof of a local establishment: “The American Alehouse.” There were four lights on the bottom … Continue reading

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June 22, 2013 – Lamar, Colorado – 10:10 PM MDT

Description: It wasn’t until after I had taken the pictures then came inside and noticed whatever was on the screen. Then here just a few days ago I watched TV programs and I had seen a lady that took one … Continue reading

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October 5, 2013 – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – 2 AM EDT

Description:I recorded this in October. It’s a UFO seen from my condo in square one. I saw this bright orange light coming towards east from me. I thought it was a plane, but the lights were too bright to be … Continue reading

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