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September 12, 2014 – Valencia, California – 6 AM PDT

Description: At approximately 6 AM on 9/12/14 I saw in the western sky, a very bright ‘object’, resembling an ‘angel’. It was extremely bright white, vertical, and stationary, with a wide swath of a mist below, triangular, like when making … Continue reading

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Mid October, 1972 – Mountains near Sublett Lake in Idaho

Description: While hunting deer in mid October, 1972 in the Mountains near Sublett Lake in Idaho, I experienced a 4+ hour time loss.  My father, brother and I had arrived before noon to start hunting. My father stayed close to … Continue reading

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June 15, 2013 – Bath, United Kingdom – 10 PM Local Time

Description: I found your email address whilst searching online about alien abduction body marks. This past summer I found a very unusual mark on the middle of my back (I have attached a photograph.) I have no explanation for what … Continue reading

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December 28, 1995 – Indian Falls, New York – 4:30 AM EST

Description: On Dec.28,1995, I was 5 feet. From a 4 feet. tall being in a full white suit and upside tear drop eye’s (appeared to have visors). The being had three fingers on each hand. I lived in a rural area … Continue reading

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April 11, 2013 – Lakeland, Florida – 2 AM EDT

Description: I have been for several years experiencing swarms of bugs or birds circling me or the area where I am at. I am religious so I thought that God was sending them as a sign. When I came back … Continue reading

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February, 2012 – Leicester, Massachusetts – 2 to 3 AM EST

Description: Hello my name is Kyle. I am former military and I had a strange encounter walking with a friend to another friend’s house around 2 or 3 AM. We saw a child size being about the size of a … Continue reading

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November or December, 1998 – Between Dayton & Conroe, Texas – Around Midnight

This incident occurred only about 25 miles north-northwest of a similar encounter (Cash-Landrum UFO incident) that happened on December 29, 1980 near Huffman, Texas. Both of these locations are shown on the map. Description: It is very difficult to talk … Continue reading

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Spring, 1969 – Plieku, South Vietnam – 6 PM Local Time

NOTE: The red dot “artifacts” in the photo are not relevant and are probably the result of the age of photo. This fact was confirmed with the witness. Description: In the spring of 1969, I was 20 years old and … Continue reading

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October 17, 2012 – Tiburon, California – 7 PM PDT

Description: I was on my home balcony and a deep blue light shined on my steps for two seconds. It moved a little on the steps and went out. I saw nothing, but heard a thunder-like sound when the night … Continue reading

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October 15, 2012 – Santa Monica, California – 9:45 PM PDT

Description: The witness called about 24 hours after his sighting. He said that he was walking on the beach and noticed some strange looking lights reflecting off of the clouds. The lights seemed to get closer and alternated between a … Continue reading

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