December 1, 2013 – Greeley, Colorado – 8 PM MST

Center map

On Dec 1st in my area (Greeley, CO) My wife brought to my attention a bright light in the sky. I watched it for maybe 10 minutes with binoculars. I estimate it was 5 to 10 miles due East of me. There were several craft around the light. The light “turned on and off” several times during the sighting. It then re-appeared close to the horizon then rose and banked a turn. I could make out a distinct triangular shape. It was a light color with dark trim. There was a row of red lights or exhaust on the rear of the craft. I am convinced these are TR-3B sightings. The whole time there were other craft seeming to hover around the lighted craft. At one time I got a good look at the glowing part. It was a hemisphere that seemed to glow with some moving energy.

I don’t type well, and would be glad to talk to you on the phone about this.

Phone Conversation With Witness: The witness confirmed most of the details in his written report above. His wife first saw the object.  He then watched it fly north.  Once he retrieved his binoculars the object appeared to be hovering and was “hemispheric” in shape. The object seemed to be emitting a “plasma-like” energy. The witness handed his binoculars to his daughter’s boyfriend. He saw the same thing.  The object then flew back to the south where it came from. The witness saw the object against the clouds and noticed a distinctive triangular shape. The object was silent and had several red lights in the rear. The object was not flying toward Denver International Airport. The witness felt a “static” type electricity when the object was the closest. He lost sight of the object over the horizon to the south.

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