December 16, 2012 – Dixie, Louisiana 11 PM CST

[map z=”5″ address=”6955 Shreveport Dixie Highway, Dixie, LA” w=”550″ h=”300″ marker=”yes” maptype=”HYBRID”]

Description: It was about 23:00 hours on December 16th. I was leaving my parent’s house and as I walked out to the car, I saw a low flying object that was triangular in appearance and had 3 bright lights. It was moving north to south. It wasn’t moving fast enough to be a fixed wing aircraft and it was running silent so it couldn’t have been a fixed wing or rotary aircraft. I went and got my brother and dad to verify that I wasn’t imagining the thing. It should be noted that Barksdale Air Force base is about 15 miles south of that location. My father has seen the same thing before.

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  1. Joel Small says:

    I have taken note of these particular sort of sightings beginning in the late 1970s. One has to realize that any sighting of ‘unidentified aerial phenomena and /or objects’ can almost always be either relegated to some natural or artificial man-made articles that are just not recognized as such, or even just made-up situations people do for the purpose of self-importance, drama, or plain old pranking! But in my very humble opinion, I think that there is at least a remnant of these reports, especially when they involve the ‘boomerang and triangular aerial objects’ that are accurate descriptions of some kind of aerial instrument, possibly of other-worldly origin, but some quite possible of human manufacture that have been plying the skies for at least some sixty years. Although I first became aware of them on reading either a Popular Mechanics or a Popular Science Magazine in the “Letters to the editor” part, where a reader asked the editor(s) if they knew of any government program to make some kind of extremely large, very slow to hovering, dark colored delta-shaped blimp or derigible, and went on to describe his or her’s recent and multiple close sightings and encounters with such craft, and said that he and other people of his community had seen them move over his neighborhood, and seemingly coming down close enough that they could either hit them with a baseball or even jump up and touch them! This reader described them as very large, dark, deltoid shaped craft, noiseless, and even seemed to turn on their sides while moving through the area. Anyway, this reader didn’t seem to think these craft were anything of an alien origin, and asked the editors if they had any ideas or clues of such an Air Force or government project involved in experimenting with such aerial craft, and as I remember (as it was around 1978 and I was reading this in an Army library in West Germany), the editor didn’t seem to have much of a clue, but replied that the Armed Forces certainly do have more than a few experiemental aircraft being tested at any one time, but expressed some suprise that the reader could get as close as he reported that he seemed to get.
    The next time that I really came across such aerial sightings of this sort was when reading “Night Siege”, the book written about the big rash of such sighting of large, triangular objects in the Hudson Bay area of Pennsylvania (it IS in Pennsylvania, isn’t it?!). Then in around 1982, one of the Officers I served with at Fort Polk, Lousiana, told a group of his soldiers that he had seen a large, boomerang and/or delta shaped object with several orange-amber lights go over his position during our Unit’s training maneuvers one night, and needless to say, it is next to impossible to scare an officer who is in “The CAV.!”-but this officer had been ‘spooked’, and we could tell this because you could see this in his eyes as he spoke to us.
    It could be that that this person who reported seeing something he thought to be some sort of unconvential aerial object(s) bearing orange/amber light sources that seemed to have descended into a wooded area near Indianapolis, Indiana has also witnessed one of these, up close and personal.
    As I said, I am convinced that these are actual aerial craft of some type, but just who that they belong to and most importantly, what exactly are they doing, remains to be ascertained!

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for your comments and for sharing your “military” experience. I believe that early 1980s rash of triangle sightings was in the “Hudson Valley” area in New York. Some these sightings could have been in Pennsylvania.

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