December 8, 2013 – Modesto, California – 10:38 PM PST



Description: This strange light showed up the last three nights between 10 & 11 PM in Modesto, CA. It moves from the horizon then to the right and up in the sky then disappears after a few hours. It moves in a very unusual way kind of pulsating, hovering, changes colors and also shape. I got pictures & video with my camera.

Note: The distortion of the object (light) is likely due to camera movement and exposure time. The shutter speed was 2 seconds which means that the slightest movement would result in “time distortion” of the object in the photo. I believe that the witness photographed and took a video of the Planet Jupiter. Skies were clear and Jupiter was visible and very bright to the East. The video (not displayed) is consistent with what I would expect in footage taken of a bright star or planet. The witness also says that the light is visible for a “few hours” on consecutive nights. The apparent changing of position is an optical illusion called “autokinesis.” The changing of colors can be due to light scattering in the atmosphere. The gradual movement to the right and upward is consistent with position change due to the rotation of the Earth.

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