February 20, 2015 – San Bernardino, California – 9:45 PM PST

Description: I was driving in my truck with my son heading south on Kendell approaching Pine Ave, and as I am turning left (north) on Pine towards the mountains, I notice a neon-like blue/purple horizontal light bar in the sky just in front of the mountain range. Pine Ave goes NE, and this light is to the north, left of me, so I am watching it as I am driving up the street. I mention to my son how cool that light looks and as I say that, it turns into an upside down triangle and is pulsing. It is just hovering right over the neighborhood a lot lower than an airplane. It was about the height that a helicopter would fly at, but is just dead still, made no noise and was pulsing. I forgot I was driving. I was just staring at it and I asked my son if he sees what I see, so I know I am not imagining this. He says yes! I stop the truck to see if I can pull out my phone to take a quick picture, and I notice that the other car in front of us also stops. The whole time we are looking at the object, then for a second I look at my son, and exclaimed, “do you see that?”, and he’s yelling YES! When I look back up, it’s disappeared! I get out of my pick up truck in the middle of the street to try and see where it went, and it’s just gone. I turned to look around us and the couple in the other car are doing the same. We can’t believe what we just saw. We ALL saw the same thing, and were dumbfounded! I felt like we were about 2 blocks away from it. We were pretty close to this thing. The weird thing about this is that at the time we were witnessing this thing, my son’s girlfriend was texting him, but the texts weren’t going through until we got home. We can’t explain it.

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