February 23, 2014 – Siesta Key, Florida – 7:40 PM EST

Description: I found your e-mail address on a site after doing a search for orange lights over Sarasota. About 3 weeks ago on a Sunday (at
7:40 PM) I saw 3 orange lights coming from the gulf at the south end of Siesta Key. They flew east over the key, then hovered over the south end of the key and/or inter-coastal water way.

I can’t be sure of the exact position where the lights hovered because of my viewing location. I was at the far west end of Wharf Road and Dunmore Drive. There is a kayak launch at the end of Wharf Road, and an open plot of land next to it on Dunmore DR. I was standing at the northeast corner of that open plot of land. The 3 orange lights gained altitude while moving east and then stopped and hovered in a triangle position. A 4th orange light then started coming from the gulf, towards the 3 to the east. The 3 in a triangle position started fading away and were gone by the time the 4th arrived (where they had been hovering). The 4th light arrived where the original 3 had been, hovered and then faded away within 30 to 60 seconds.

Then last night about 8:40 PM (might be a bit off there by 30 minutes) I arrived home and saw 4 orange lights coming over Siesta Key again! I didn’t even pull into my garage. I grabbed my smartphone and got ran out to the field on Dunmore Drive and took a video. This time, the 4 lights were all in a line following each other.
I hit record, but I couldn’t see the orange lights on my phone. At full zoom it’s just not good enough. This time they didn’t stop and hover. The 4 lights followed each other gaining altitude moving east, then southeast over the inter-coastal waterway. I lost sight of them because of a tree line.

I came into my house and called the Herald Tribune (SNN Channel 6) to ask if they have cameras that film all the time over Siesta Key. They really didn’t say, so I told them the reason I asked. The girl said no one else has said anything like that. I’m surprised because with all the tourists here from up north, I would think someone out there would have a camera and film it.

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