February 26, 2012 – Cincinnati, Ohio – 4:54 PM EST

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Still Image Extracted From Video. UFO is Enclosed in Magenta Rectangle.

Still Image Extracted From Video. UFO is Enclosed in Magenta Rectangle.



Description: Hello, I am a professional videographer in Southern Ohio. On February 26th I was shooting a piece of footage for a project that I am working on when something moving very fast came in front of my lens. I ended up following it briefly until it disappeared. I kind of wrote it off until I unloaded the footage a couple days ago. When I was looking closely at it, it appears to be something that is moving very quickly in which it is condensing the air around it. When I put a magenta filter over the video and slowed it down 500%, there appears to be other objects moving that you can not see with the naked eye. I have a camera that shoots in a format that is not possible to edit and save in that same format. I shot it on a Sony EX HD camera. I have the original footage with the original time stamp. There is no denying, once a person looks at the original footage, which was taken on a cloudless day in the mid afternoon, that there is definitely something there. I don’t really know who to contact about it. If you are interested in it, let me know.

The timestamp of the video is 2/26/2012, 17:54:40. The object first appeared facing South-Southwest towards Greater Cincinnati Airport. The airport is located in Northern Kentucky. Since I was fortunate enough to capture my Ham Radio antenna before the shot, I should be able to get a compass out and give you a more precise direction. The airport is roughly 10 miles as straight as a crow flys from my home. After I lost it when it moved past the wall of the house, it was gone. The whole thing only lasted 19 seconds.

Note: I had a long discussion with the witness. He has a background in electrical engineering and is now a “Freelance Professional Videographer.” He is an avid environmentalist and very attuned to the range of environmental problems that are challenging everyone today. This is the reason for the above video. He was taking a video of a “normal aircraft” contrail when he saw a strange object. He then shifted the camera in an attempt to follow the object. He feels some contrails are chemical (chemtrails) and feels that there is a difference. He shot the video with a high definition Sony camera. The original videos in this special “Sony” format cannot be altered. They can be altered if converted to a different format. THE OBJECT WAS IN FOCUS AND THE VIDEOGRAPHER HAD THE FOCUS ON INFINITY. THE WITNESS ALSO SAW THE OBJECT AND PANNED THE CAMERA FOLLOWING ITS PATH. THIS IS INDICATIVE THAT THE OBJECT WAS FAR AWAY AND NOT A BIRD OR INSECT PASSING CLOSE TO THE CAMERA LENS. A check of the surface winds and winds aloft show that the winds in the lower atmosphere were from a southerly direction and were quite gusty (25 MPH). This indicates that the object was moving with the wind and could have been some sort of wind blown debris (e.g. plastic bag) that was suspended in the air.

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  1. Jack L. Metcalfe says:

    Looks like a spider web or some other very light material caught in the wind. Spider webs are mostly seen in the Fall, so I would lean toward some other item like plastic, etc.

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