February 27, 2014 – Sutherlin, Oregon – 8:34 PM PST



Description: I got some pictures of the red lights.

Note: The witness commented another report that we received from Sutherlin, Oregon. Details of the report follow:
My girlfriend and I saw 3 bright orange shimmering lights in the southwestern skies of Sutherlin, Oregon last night. Two of them sort of started to head toward each other. Then one of them dropped something that was illuminated and it made it almost halfway to the ground before it went dark. Then those same 2 faded out fairly rapidly together. The 3rd one stayed lit for about another minute or so then faded out too. Now I am assuming they were lanterns or whatever, but I sure hope the hell I am wrong. LOL! Has anyone else see them? I wish I would have taken the garbage out a little sooner. I might of be able to verify what they were. Yes I always look up at the clear skies for a quick check of things (LOL) when I am out.

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2 Responses to February 27, 2014 – Sutherlin, Oregon – 8:34 PM PST

  1. P Heyntsen says:

    We have seen 3 blue lights kind of curved slightly like a smile right above our house in Sedro Woolley, WA. They covered the whole top of our house.

  2. Tom Bowden says:

    Someone who was a witness to the event in Sutherlin submitted a report to MUFON. As a MUFON investigator, I attempted to establish contact to follow up, but my email was ignored. I want to explain that MUFON takes all UFO reports seriously. But if someone submits a report to MUFON, they should be prepared to cooperate with the MUFON investigator in the follow-up. Anonymous reports filed with MUFON are pretty much useless to anyone.

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