February 8, 2012 – Eatonville, Washington – 9:30 PM PST

Sketch of Object Based on Witness Report.

Sketch of Object Based on Witness Report.

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Description: The witness called and reported her sighting the next day. She was out for a routine walk and heard a strange sound (louder than the sound coming from her headphones). Her 3 dogs also became alarmed and immediately looked up. She looked up and saw an object shaped “like an air filter” pass directly overhead and fly towards the west (in the direction of McChord Air Force Base and Ft. Lewis). However, she was familiar with the military aircraft that frequently pass over her house and this was much different. She felt that she had some memory loss because she thought that she called her father (in Texas) at 9:30 PM PST, but her father stated that it was 11:30 PM (1:30 AM, Feb. 9 CST). She added that the air filter type object had an amber “liquid light” in the middle. She could see through this light. Skies were mostly cloudy at the time of the sighting. The object was about the size of a “bread plate” held at arm’s length. (This would be much bigger than a full moon.) The object appeared to be rotating.

Note: I interviewed this witness and she seemed quite credible. She was most curious to know if anyone else saw the object. The area is in a remote locale so other reports are less likely.

Follow-Up Report by Investigator James E. Clarkson:
On March 12, 2012, I called the phone number left by the anonymous witness and I asked to speak with her. A man who identified the witness as his wife called her to the phone and she answered right away.

I identified myself and I explained that I was investigating on behalf of UFOSNW. I told her that unless she directed otherwise, her request to remain anonymous would be respected. She agreed to discuss her experience with me.

She lives on property outside of Eatonville, WA near Mount Rainier. The event occurred at about 9:30 pm PST on February 8, 2012 while she was walking on her property with her three dogs. No one else was with her and as of this date; no other witnesses to this event have been identified.

She believes the object was less than 500 feet above her; she stated a dinner plate held at arm’s length would have just covered the object. The closest object that she thought had a similar shape was a conventional circular air filter from a car. However, after we discussed this at length, she stated she is not positive about the outer shape, only about the inside of the ring she observed. She said she is assuming it is ring-shaped like the drawing. The sky was overcast and it was dark when the event occurred.

“I could see all the way through it. There was void or a hole in the middle. The inner walls were showing lines like the ridges.” She added there were no rounded surfaces; it had hard edges and what she observed on the interior walls of this ring were red-oranges like “embers of a fire; it seemed like liquid light.” “It was spinning. I think it was spinning clockwise. I was seeing the panels on it. It was moving so slowly. I could have run to it and stood directly under it.” The object was moving slowly across her field of view from south to north. As I interviewed her I could sense that something bothered about seeing the strange craft in the sky. I asked her to go through what happened before the event, during and afterwards. She stated that she frequently walks her dogs at about the same time. She knows how long she is walking because she has a device in her shoes connected to her phone that measures distance and time.

There are quite a few tall old fir trees where she walks. She was walking underneath the cover of some trees when she heard and felt a very strange sound. She said it was “like all kinds of flight sounds all mixed up.” The sound had a vibration that went through her body. She told me that normally if there is any sort of a disturbance when she walks, her dogs respond aggressively, barking and moving out ahead of her. This time the dogs stayed behind her. She decided to walk out from under cover of the trees to see the source of the sound.

She added that she lives near enough to Joint Base Lewis-McCord (Army and Air Force) that she knows the sounds of various types of helicopters and jets. She said she is certain that the unknown object was none of the aircraft she routinely sees and hears over her home. That’s when she observed the ring-shaped UFO described above. She does not recall anything happening while she stood and watched the spinning, slowly moving, fiery ring overhead. I asked her how the sighting ended. She said she has no memory of the object moving away, only of standing and looking up at it. When she realized the object was no longer there, she decided to call her father immediately in Texas because she wanted to “tell him about the most amazing thing she had ever seen.” She knew that it should be early enough to call him without waking him. She stated he is a professor and she knew he had to get up the next morning.

She was really surprised because she woke him and he said it was one in the morning. He was very sleepy and said he would call her the next day. She said the memory was gone right then.
She did not recall the event until her father called her during a break the next day and he wanted her to tell him about what she saw in the sky the previous night. At first she had no idea what he was talking about until he prompted her to tell him about the strange thing in the sky. Then it came back to her. The other odd event she associates with the sighting is that no one recalls seeing her come back into the house after her walk.

She kept saying that the sighting bothered her and made her think she was crazy. I assured her and she gave me her e-mail address. She said she would forward any telephone records that would document exactly when she called her father. I did not make any suggestions about the missing time event. I asked her to contact me if anything else occurred to her in connection with this sighting. She asked in return if I would pass on any similar sighting reports of a fiery ring-shaped UFO.

No further information at this time. I have sent her an e-mail to make sure she has my contact information. She requests to remain anonymous.

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