February 8, 2013 – Austin, Texas – 7:35 AM CST



Description: I am not sure if this is anything, but I took three different photos on the same day (Feb 8 2013) and some kind of light or something would always appear. I do not have a flash on my phone so took notice to it very quickly later on when looking at the photos I took. On this particular photo I was just admiring the brightness of the sun and just snapped a picture on my way to work. Later I noticed the red light above building.

Note: The red light highlighted in the photo is a lens flare. However, a few other objects show up in the photo which are difficult to explain. (The witness was not referring to these objects, but was intrigued by the pink colored light above the reflection of the Sun.) Perhaps these other objects could be blemishes are small breaks in the windshield of the car?

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