Flashing Red, White, Green & Blue Lights Seen in Sky.

Location of Sighting: Seekonk, Massachusetts
Date of Sighting: August 12, 2016
Time of Sighting: 12:45 AM EDT

Center map

Description: At first glance it looked like a star. It was very far away, but then I saw light flickering. Again, I thought it may be just dust in the air. The more I looked at it led me to believe that it may have been a plane flying towards me and that is why it looked stationary. But it sat in the same place in the sky for at least a half hour. It was there when I first saw it until I went in to go to bed so I don’t know how long it was there. I looked at it through binoculars and it was flashing red, white, and green (or bluish) lights. They looked like they were flashing in circular pattern, but it was hard to tell with the movement of the binoculars. I had my wife look as well since she usually teases me when I say I see stuff in the sky. She agreed it was flashing lights as well. It was north of me not too far above the tree line.

Note: The witness may have seen a bright star. The apparent blinking multi-colors can be due to atmospheric particulates scattering light which can show up as multiple colors especially through binoculars. This light scattering occurs more in celestial objects lower on the horizon (as is the situation with this sighting).

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25 Responses to Flashing Red, White, Green & Blue Lights Seen in Sky.

  1. Melissa says:

    I saw the same thing in the sky, but it does seem to move from day to day. I go out an hour later and it disappears when the rest of the stars might have moved 10 degrees. One night it is in the Northeast the next 2 nights it is in the Northwest. It blinks red, white, yellow and blue or green. I also looked with binoculars and it seemed to be saucer shaped. I believe we are being observed.

  2. Rachel says:

    Seeing the same here in Colon/Sherwood, MI in the Southeastern sky. It flashes white, red, green, and blue color. It seems as if it hovers. It has stayed in the sky until it was too daylight to see it anymore many times at the end of summer. Sometimes it flashes fast, then slow, gets bright and dims as well. I am very curious to know what exactly it is.

  3. fiskyfoo says:

    From 2012 (approximately) to 2015 I noticed similar blinking lights in a large patch of the sky in Carson, California. I would “stargaze” almost every night for hours. They would appear in several different areas simultaneously. They would move, but very slowly.

  4. Timothy W* says:

    I live in east Spokane valley, WA. I take my dog out every night once or twice between 10 PM and 3:30 AM. A light appears (I have been noticing it for about 8 months) fairly high off of the horizon in the southwest sky. It strobes or pulses green, blue, white, and red. The red and blue are not constant. It is in roughly the same spot in the sky every night. I have watched it move “short” distances, but it does so very fast and stops on a dime. It does appear to have a distinct shape, but my eyes don’t focus too well at night with my current prescription. I am preoccupied with it. I am always thinking I’m nuts. My wife has seen it as well and seems very uncomfortable talking about it. The past few nights there seems to be another light further west of it’s position. It is much smaller, but it is there. No other celestial bodies appear this way. SOMETIMES on overcast nights it is the only light up there.

    • Grace Henry says:

      I’m in Marysville WA. For the past 6 to 8 months I have been seeing the same.

      I had a Coolplix camera with a 20X zoom in lens and documented it. The last time I was in Yakima we were staying at the Oxford Inn. From our hotel porch I pointed out the peculiar low star and got out my camera. I have about 10 different videos of the star. In a few of the videos the orb turned into 5 orbs then one by one they disappeared. Then another orb appears. A second one appears the inches while blinking a mile or so away from the first light and then it disappears. I have all the videos saved in my phone.

  5. Matt Goodman says:

    I have seen this many times including tonight Aug 12 2017, in southeastern Ontario looking northwest.

  6. Seth says:

    I see one or two every week night in the same spot in N. Alabama, but they seem to stay in the same spot other than moving up or down somewhat. My friend sees one from his house every night & we are looking at one now in the night sky on a Saturday or early Sunday morning actually.

  7. Brian says:

    I have seen 4 different ones over Ottumwa, Iowa and sometimes they get super bright then die down and then start flashing bright again. It is weird. I have a High Power Spotter and I just can’t seem to make it out other then a “circular thing”. My friend hit it with a high power green laser beam and “something” seemed to break off and float in the direction his beam came from. Needless to say it scared “the crap” out of us so we high tailed it. These “things” have been witnessed by MANY neighbors for over 6 years now.. Add me on snapchat and we can share videos of these. Brian52501

  8. Julia Kennedy says:

    It’s the star Capella. Actually Capella has two stars. They are close to one another. They are bigger and brighter than our own star, the Sun. In the fall Capella always flashes these curious lights. It is natural and normal.

  9. Becky Gurno says:

    I have seen the same thing several times. On September 29th, my daughter and I saw a fast moving light that stopped on a dime. I thought I would record with my phone although although i was doubtful that it would work. It worked! It is the only thing visible in both recordings.

  10. Jessica says:

    I have seen the exact same thing multiple times for the past few months. I have seen it move and it can hover for hours. I have sat and watched it. If it is Capella, why doesn’t it rotate at the same degree as the other stars? I am very concerned and my boyfriend thinks I am crazy. He has seen it too, but tells me it is the north star. No way! Please update me if there is any new information on this. The location of my sightings is Willernie, MN

  11. Dave says:

    My wife and I just got done having Thanksgiving dinner and stepped outside for some fresh air and let the dog out and we both saw the same lights you all are seeing. We are located in Staunton, ILLINOIS and it is southwest from us. They are very big, very bright, red blue and green flashing lights! They don’t seem to be traveling, but seem to be moving either up and down or my wife thinks they are in a small circle? We have seen lots of shooting stars, space stations and all kinds of things, but this one is new to me?

  12. Leigh says:

    My friend and I see many in the sky. In the Bahamas as well as Connecticut. They are green and red sometimes with a barely notable white tail. They don’t move. They can be far or close, high or low. We count them and seen as many as 12 or 13 in the dark Bahamas and 7 to 8 in Connecticut. We wave. They don’t move at all. We were told they were weather balloons, but reading about both weather balloons and drones they don’t seem to meet those descriptions either. I could go outside right now and see a few. They are always there.

  13. Charle says:

    I have seen spideys and saucers in the skies over St. George, Utah shining their green, blue, red and white lights. There isn’t any flying aircraft in the world to my knowledge that has a green light on it except a flying UFO of some sort. Over Richfield, Utah I have even seen the spot light on the bottom of the craft searching the ground for it’s intended target safe place.

  14. Cathy says:

    In Phoenix, Oregon we have seen them for several years now. They change from spot to geometric shapes in red, blue and green to flying dragon moving all over.

  15. Stephanie says:

    I see MANY of these blinking red and green flying objects that look like low horizon stars. I am in Kitchener, On. Canada. I was told by a friend of mine that they are drones. I did a bit of research and found an article from 2014 stating that drones were coming to a “sky near you” in the future. Apparently they are used for data collection, (i.e. what time your lights go out at night, pedestrian traffic routes and vehicle use). I think this is what they are.

  16. John Lerch says:

    It’s probably Capella, which is 2 stars very close together that look like one from earth. They are both dying stars, that’s why they flicker. Eh, that’s what science says. In the last 2 years though it was South-Southwest during the summer and fall. Now now the damn thing is in the North-Northwest sky. I used to think the moon was constant like the sun. That’s to say it rose in one part of the sky and set in the other CONSISTENTLY. But since moving to the country I see the night sky much better. For the first time I noticed the moon rises and sets consistently for a month then the next month a complete change in rise and set. Odd I never noticed before. Maybe its a Mandala effect, Eh?

  17. Sarah says:

    I see these lights in Sioux City, IA. They flash red. greenish blue, and white. I have seen them in the winter as well as the spring and summer. I watched one for over an hour tonight while on the phone with a friend and commented on it many times throughout our conversation. It seemed to hover in the sky, while moving sporadically around in the same general area the entire time I watched it. I live near an airport, so I am very familiar with how planes move and look in the night sky. This looks and acts nothing like any plane I have ever seen.

  18. Ariana says:

    I am located in QLD, Australia. I have noticed the same big, bright flashing red, blue, green and white light in the sky! 3 nights ago I noticed it flickering more than others. It was super bright and a lot bigger than normal. (I never noticed it previously.) I grabbed the binoculars out and could see what seemed like a circular pattern of what looked like about 5 lights. I had my partner check with the scope on his rifle and he could see the same. Within about 30 minutes it had gotten below the hill that we couldn’t see it anymore. We have noticed 2 more similar lights since then, but much smaller than the one first spotted that does not move at all. We are stationed on a property of an unpopulated area.

  19. 💍Rosita💍 Reyes Zarate says:

    Omg just now I saw it and started crying because the same thing flew above my house and then went away.

  20. john says:

    HI: I live in Niagara Falls, Canada and I have seen the same thing at night through my friend’s telescope. It looks like a ring of LED lights that are green and then flash red in a random(?) pattern.

  21. Otis says:

    Yes, I have been spotting these for over a decade. My first time was whilst living in Maroubra, Australia. I am now in Rosebery. It was a clear night sky and I saw facing East sometimes 2 sometimes 3 maybe more. Last week I noticed on a cloudy night sky a dim yellow light just peaking through a break in the clouds, pretty low. The other ones I am talking about look like stars at a glance but with binoculars it’s like that cant be.

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