January 18, 2014 – Seattle, Washington – 6 PM PST

Description: I was driving in South Seattle near the Boeing airport on I-5. It was around 6:00 PM? It looked like a constellation of amber orbs, but nowhere close to being high enough to be stars ( a low Aircraft height).  I drifted into a different lane because I was staring at it. Once I got back into my lane I looked again and there were only three left in the formation of a triangle. I was close enough to see that it had no solid structure. It was just lights. During the entire time the lights stayed in one place until I had almost past it and one of the three left it's triangle formation and headed west.

Response of Witness to Questions:  I thought about that the lights could be Chinese Lanterns too, but what I saw was so perfectly geometric it was startling. And when the one broke from its formation horizontally that thought went out the window. I looked at some of the pictures from other reports and it's EXACTLY what I saw. This is exciting stuff. Thanks for telling my story.

Note to Commenters: If you are reporting a sighting, be sure to include the location (city, state, country), date and time of your sighting.
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  1. karl says:

    I live north of Everett and commute during early morning hours and I have seen orange-red orbs at least 3 times since the new year. 2 sightings occurred while driving south on I-5 near Marysville and orbs were to the southeast of me and traveling due east. Also on a different morning one was flying in that same general area with another on the west side of I-5, but also seemed to be closing on the easterly object. Then yesterday I saw 1 as I was driving north past Cook Road exit. It looked like it was above Anacortes heading northeast towards the Bellingham area. I lost sight of it so I got of on the Bow Hill exit and proceeded to the west trying to reacquire visual contact. As I dropped down the hill into Edison I could no longer see the object so I pulled a U turn and started to head back east toward I-5. After about a mile of driving back (near Ershig Road) I noticed another object. This one seemed a little more orange than the other going southeast across the Skagit Valley. I watched as I drove back to I-5, but lost it as I drove by some trees and when I got back to the I-5 overpass i couldn’t find it.

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