January 3, 2012 – Austin, Arkansas – 9 PM CST

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Description: I would not of reported this if it didn’t freak me out so bad. My cousins and I were driving down Lewisburg Road in Austin Arkansas around 9 at night. We all three noticed something hovering up ahead and stopped on the road to look at it which furthered the fact it was hovering and not moving. It was a long triangle shape with two white lights and a red light on the long point. As my eyes adjusted I noticed it was solid grey underneath without depth or landing gear that a plane or helicopter would have! About 20 seconds into staring up at the sight about 50 to 100 feet above us it zoomed off and was gone too fast to follow. We turned around and looked all over the sky and it was nowhere. I would have not of thought anyone would believe me untill my mom forwarded me the Maumelle sighting that was eerily similar to what we saw.

Note: This is an unusual sighting and one that defies explanation. (This is assuming that the witness’s observations are accurate and true.)

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2 Responses to January 3, 2012 – Austin, Arkansas – 9 PM CST

  1. Joan says:

    With so many close sightings being reported, I wonder if the observers are keeping notes on any time discrepancies. A lost time incident may go unnoticed if it occurs in under an hour.

  2. Ielan says:

    I have noticed a lot of sightings in Arkansas over the years. they may rival even big hotspots, but often go unreported because of the nature of the incident. It is a shame. This report is a pretty classic sighting even going back to my research when I lived in Little Rock in the 80s and 90s. I hope more stories come forward from this state.

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