July 1, 2013 – Pullman, Washington – During Night



Description: I was listening to an archived radio broadcast of you on the Jeff Rense’s show today. I have been searching for people who might be able to help me figure out what is going on. I live in Pullman WA, which is on the east side very close to the Idaho border and about 85 miles south of Spokane. I can’t seem to find anyone on this side of the state. I have emailed and received an email reply from Allison Travis in the Seattle area. She said she would get back to me after speaking to her colleague Marcie. So I am patiently awaiting that information. Anyway I am attaching some pictures and copying and pasting my brief synopsis of what has transpired. I am open to answer any questions and I am not adverse to any kind of help so I can get to the bottom of this. This is the statement I wrote that I sent to NUFORC:

I have had sightings, strange happenings, extremely bad relationships, and various other abnormal occurrences in the past. I am 59 years old, of Irish descent with assorted physical ailments. I come from a military family, with my maternal grandfather having possible ties to CIA and there were other extraordinary facts about him. Since the beginning of July 2013, we have had more obvious signs that something is going on while we sleep. My boyfriend is adamantly against any of the theories I have about what is going on, but that could be his mind control. My mind control (for lack of a better term) seems to be fracturing.

On the morning of July 1, 2013 I woke up feeling more exhausted than usual. While going to the restroom, I noticed a triangular shaped (series of dots) bruise on my thigh, just above the right knee. Thinking that it was curious to have that shape there, I took pictures of my leg. I will email those to you along with other pictures referenced later. About a week later, I had one on my other leg, same shape and same size, and was more toward the inside of my thigh, but I didn’t take pictures of that one.

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2 Responses to July 1, 2013 – Pullman, Washington – During Night

  1. Barbara G. says:

    I don’t believe a word this person is saying. I consider this person wants attention from the public and wants to “talk” about the so called problem. I would suggest she talk to a health care professional about her mental state.

    • duds says:

      I share ur opinion that this seems like a big cry for attention. She posted a shot of her eye being bloodshot in August. Unfortunately we have to sift through a lot of bull to find the small percent that are credible. I hope this woman seeks mental health help since she’s under the assumption that she and he are under some kind of mind control.

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